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10 E-Commerce Growth and Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

eCommerce Growth and Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion rates are the percentage of visitors who completed a transaction or made a purchase through your site. This can easily be derived by dividing the number of purchases made on your website by the number of visitors to your site. A good conversion rate is typically between 2% and 12%, depending on your product and traffic. Obviously, a higher conversion rate means more sales generated for your business. Here are some tips for increasing your conversion rate:


  1. Use High-Quality Product Photos


Clear, concise photos of your product show your customers the details they can’t touch in person. Focus on showing off key product points, and if needed, provide a way for customers to zoom in on the product. Be sure the product description matches the photo and adds important information about color, size, or other details you are unable to convey with a photograph.


  1. Create Coupon Codes


Customers love saving money. Offering coupon codes with a discount or a free item will encourage customers to complete the transaction, especially if the offer comes with an expiration date.


  1. Offer Free Shipping


Free shipping is often more of a psychological phenomenon. Raising your prices slightly to cover shipping costs but posting offers for free shipping makes customers feel like they are still getting a bargain deal.


  1. Simplify Checkout


Asking for too much information or making customers fill out forms multiple times makes shoppers frustrated. Most customers prefer to see the contents of the shopping cart during the checkout process, and the option to check out as a guest if they are not ready to fully commit to an account with your brand. A/B testing can help tweak the checkout process to find out where customers are experiencing frustrations.


  1. Use Abandoned-Cart Software


Abandoned-cart software will send an automatic email, asking if customers need help or reminding them to return to their carts. You can even offer a coupon code to incentivize completion of the transaction. A lot of stores see as much as a 30% increase in conversion rates after implementing abandoned cart software.


  1. Adjust Product Pricing


You may feel your product pricing is appropriate; however, your customers may have a different opinion. Test different product pricing strategies to see what sticks.


  1. Market to the Right Audience


Be sure to target appropriate customers who have the means to spend money on your product and share similar interests.


  1. Incorporate Online Safety and Security


As you include secure options such as SSL, or offering PayPal as a checkout option, make sure to clearly advertise and display security logos and features throughout the checkout page, so customers feel safe when making a purchase.


  1. Use Live Chat Software


Building a direct line of communication between your business and the customer provides a way to address questions. Make sure the chat is available 24/7 and does not display an away message, however, as that may send your customers the wrong idea that their business is not important.


  1. Add Customer Reviews to Your Products


Allow customers to add their honest feedback to your products, giving them the opportunity to engage with your brand while adding value to your website.


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