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2018 Trends in Magento CRO

Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps give your business a boost. CRO techniques have changed over the last few years, but some of the latest trends are more effective than ever. Businesses of all sizes report increasing sales due to these techniques. Here is a look at some trending options regarding conversion rate optimization in Magento for 2018.


Website Personalization


Providing users with a custom experience lets them know you are thinking of their needs. Personalization includes features like segmentation, a customized catalog, product recommendations, and more. Giving your customers exactly what they are looking for will increase your Magento conversion rate optimization and will result in more sales for your business.


Collection of Data


Data collection is one of few ways to monitor how your efforts are affecting your CRO. Google Analytics offers several free tools to monitor the statistics, and Forix can help you to analyze the numbers and use the data for Magento site performance optimization. In the future, artificial intelligence (AI) may prove to be useful in this category. If AI can collect the data for us, we will be able to devote more time to other areas, increasing efficiency.


User Testing


One of the best ways to find out how your visitors are interacting with your website is through user testing. There are several kinds of user testing including A/B testing, surveys, and heat mapping. Each one paints a picture of how people experience your website. Forix can help you collect and analyze all of this data, creating a more functional version of your Magento website. Once we have this data in hand, we can design a Magento website that addresses all of these issues.


Optimizing the Customer Experience


An optimal customer experience is different for every website and each business. It can be hard to determine what techniques to use to create the perfect experience for your visitors. Luckily Forix can help. We have years of experience in the business, creating over 700 successful website launches. Our customers know we take the time to evaluate each website and figure out the best course of action to increase Magento performance optimization.


If you want customers to complete their transaction on your site, you need to offer them a streamlined experience. The more they enjoy shopping with you, the more they will return in the future. They may also tell their friends to come and shop your site, increasing your marketing by word-of-mouth advertising. Performance optimization will help increase customer satisfaction, in turn increasing your CRO.


Learn more tips about conversion rate optimization by speaking with a CRO expert at Forix.



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