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Avoid These Four Common SEO Mistakes On Your Magento Platform


Magento 2 offers amazing functions and features to ensure that your e-commerce platform increases revenue. However, without the expertise of Magento e-commerce developers and Magento optimization services, you run the risk of failing the business.

A Magento 2 platform is not a one-man show. Before and after development requires the backing of a reliable and certified Magento SEO company.

When you don’t have experts backing you up for your Magento e-store, you are bound to commit SEO mistakes.

What is SEO?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a long-term optimization practice that almost all websites require to rank in a SERP. SEO entails on-page and off-page activities that are designed to ensure your website is strategically maintained with the right content and the right keywords.

How is SEO important for Magento websites?
SEO helps increase the quantity of traffic on a website. Not just that, it also helps enhance the quality of the traffic. This means attracting potential customers and building brand loyalty. SEO is a means of generating and sustaining the continuous flow of revenue in the company.

Previously, several companies felt that SEO is not beneficial in any way. However, it was seen how e-commerce brands leveraged and benefitted from SEO, its reputation grew in the eyes of business owners.

SEO had relevant features and activities performed to improve user experience and usability of the website. This resulted in better online shopping experiences.

How to avoid common SEO mistakes for a Magento 2 website

SEO Mistake 1 – Deploying the wrong keywords

  • Do not select keywords that receive more search traffic but are broad keywords that are used in any country. This way, you are drawing your potential customers to the competition.
  • Do not add irrelevant and overused keywords that no longer draw a user’s attention.
  • Do not select low-value keywords that are less competitive, limiting your search visibility.

No SEO expert without professional years of experience can make this mistake. Therefore, hire a Magento SEO company with a team of Magento optimization service experts. They will make sure to target the right keywords because of the tools used to identify those keywords, backed by the expertise of the SEO specialist.

SEO Mistake 2 – Using the default layered navigation feature
A layered navigation feature allows your website visitor to select your products specific to price range, color, size, etc. It acts as a set of filters that usually appear in the left column of Magento 2 category pages.

Make sure to adjust the layered navigation feature on your website. If you simply used the default layered navigation feature, you will lose trust among your website users. This step will hurt website visibility.

SEO Mistake 3 – Directing layered URLs to category with rel canonical
Magento 2 crawlers cannot identify the layered URLs on your website if you drive backlinks to individual categories. As a result, these links may break down when the layered URLs are pointed back to categories, using rel canonical. This practice can hurt search visibility in search engines.

To make sure that you don’t commit these common mistakes, hire the best Magento optimization services for your website.

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