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4 Tips for Effective CRO for Your Magento Website

Effective Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) can make a huge difference in your business. The idea of an eCommerce store is to get your visitors to check out, purchasing your product. There are a number of things you can do to make this process easier for everyone. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help you get started.


Identify Your Target Market


The first step in the Magento site performance optimization process is to identify your target market. By identifying your ideal customer, you can create a website that serves their needs. Create a few marketing personas by giving them names, ages, hobbies, and reasons why they would be shopping on your website. Then you can use them to identify why they are shopping your website and how you can design your layout and your product catalog to better fit their needs.


Set Attainable Goals


Don’t expect your Magento conversion rate optimization to skyrocket overnight. Keep your goals reasonable and set new ones when you reach them. Your goal should ultimately depend on the price of your products. If you sell a more expensive product, you should expect a slower increase in your numbers. If you sell a lot of smaller products, you can expect a bigger jump.


Magento eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


Don’t Just Target Sales


Your sales are not the only type of conversion rate optimization in Magento. You also should be monitoring other things your customers sign up for on your website, like your email newsletter. This is a great way to discover how many people show interest in your business but just aren’t ready to pull the trigger yet. Planning a campaign for them is just as important as it is for your customers.


Streamline Your Checkout Process


Don’t ask your customers for unnecessary information during the checkout process. The more information they need to type, the less likely they are to finish the checkout process. Instead, Magento offers you the ability to let your customers save their information in their account. Each customer can safely store payment information, billing and shipping addresses, and other important details, eliminating the need to retype it every time they make a purchase. They can also access previous orders and easily re-order more with the click of a button.


By using these tips and tricks, you can increase your Magento performance optimization. Forix is here to help you succeed in your goals – reach out. We have the latest updates and the skills to help you increase your numbers, which will help you increase your business sales and your profit.



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