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5 Common Magento Performance Optimization Problems Solved

Are you wondering how you can gain more conversions? Do you know poor website performance can directly impact conversion rate? Magento performance optimization is crucial for your online sales success and possibly even your business overall.

Magento isn’t a lightweight platform. It was designed to handle large amounts of traffic from multiple sources simultaneously. However, if you don’t optimize properly, you may end up with a site that’s difficult to navigate that will impact the user experience. Here are some common performance issues in Magento websites and tips to resolve them.

  1. Bad user experience and customer drop off
    With the rising competition in every sector, your business should provide a unique and steady experience to keep visitors intact. A good user experience refers to a customer’s ability to rapidly and simply explore your e-commerce site and enjoy the shopping experience.A website’s functioning is more important than just its appealing look. The website’s appearance attracts visitors, but its functionality keeps them engaged. Simply put, if a customer has a negative experience on your e-commerce site, they will leave.
  2. Online sales plummet
    Do you know that roughly three-fourths of shoppers abandon their shopping carts between customer journeys? The money lost will rise if customers keep abandoning shopping carts.Sales are directly proportional to the website’s user experience. There is no qualm in accepting this fact. If your sales are dipping, Magento experts can help you with analytics and behavioral tools to know the actual cause and fix the issues before it is too late.
  3. Losing website traffic rapidly
    Poor website performance can make you lose visitors, and your website traffic graph will decline in time. It’s a popular misconception that stuffing keywords into your website’s content can improve its Google search ranking. Like the SEO methods, search engines have become smarter with time. Proper keyword search analytics is required to check the best-performing keywords and leverage them to reverse SEO losses.
  4. Missing business growth strategy
    Without a defined business vision and goals, it is difficult to succeed in this competitive world.  If your business doesn’t have a growth strategy, your business will likely fail.  Having a business objective is imperative for its success. Magento experts can evaluate your E-business operations by analyzing the company’s metrics, budget, and marketing calendar.  It will help increase efficiency to cut costs and maintain growth.
  5. ECommerce website speed performance
    The more clients you lose to a faster competitor’s site, the longer you put off speed optimization of your website. Website loading speed is crucial for a good user experience. The eCommerce store pages that load faster have far better conversion rates. Hiring an experienced Magento developer will help optimize scripts, cache, third-party review, and environment configuration to improve your eCommerce website loading speed.

In Final Words

These were a few issues and approaches to optimize your Magento website performance better. Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks will significantly improve your eCommerce website conversion rates. Varnish and full-page caching will speed up HTTP traffic and enhance website performance.

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