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5 Magento Commerce Cloud Features for Magento B2B

Magento Commerce Cloud Features for Magento B2B
When Magento Commerce joined the cloud, it took its business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce capabilities sky-high. Since Magento’s announcement introducing its cloud platform in 2016, the world’s number one e-commerce platform has helped B2Bs enhance their websites and maintain peak performance. Now, Magento Commerce has expanded its cloud offerings for even more feature-rich website building. The developers at Forix can help your Magento B2B take advantage of the following awesome cloud features with Magento managed services.


Consolidated ECE-Tools Package


In the past, B2B owners and managed support providers on Magento Commerce had to navigate multiple ECE-patches packages and Magento-cloud-configurations for technical support. The latest update, however, consolidates these into one single ECE-tools package, enabling easier updates for business owners and managed services agencies.


Upgrading to the latest ECE-tools package on Magento Commerce can benefit merchants through faster and higher-quality system updates. The new ECE-tools package is also a much more scalable deployment tool for developers. Magento Commerce users must upgrade to ECE-tools to benefit from the latest Magento cloud features – a task an experienced Magento managed services agency can assist you with.


Simplified Processes for Magento Developers


The first iterations of Magento Cloud required developers to use three separate git repositories for all three stages of integration, staging, and production. This means developers had to first work in the individual integration environment, then go to a separate production repo to continue development. This presented a drag for B2Bs and delayed the deployment process. Now, thanks to Magento’s technical upgrades, developers can enjoy a simplified experience.


The latest cloud upgrades introduce the “Git tree” – all three environments in one. The cloud user interface now has staging and production git repos to simplify the deployment process. The latest upgrades also enable self-serve environment configuration and management. This means developers can add and remove users and variables to staging/production, as well as add post deploy phase support and cache warming, and manage build/deploy hooks. Code merging has never been easier for B2Bs on Magento Commerce.


If you’re searching for an even more effortless deployment process for your Magento B2B website, partner with a Magento ongoing support agency. Investing in Magento managed services for B2Bs can give you access to automatic website updates, regular maintenance, technical support, and more to make deployment a breeze. Coupled with Magento Cloud’s latest features, a support agency can completely eliminate your current deployment inefficiencies.


Faster Production Deployments


Is website maintenance bringing your B2B down more than it’s doing it good? This can be the case with site updates that take too long to complete. Customers who visit your site only to find that it’s down for maintenance can mean lost sales. Luckily, Magento’s new cloud features offer two improvements to increase the speed of production deployments and reduce downtime. Going into Maintenance Mode no longer has to mean days with zero online sales.


In Magento Commerce, the default process is to keep minification a dependency on the deployment. As developers have discovered, however, this can be a source of slower processing. The new system is to move static content deployment (SCD) to the build phase of deployment to increase the speed of production deployments altogether. This update results in improved minification and faster deployment times.


The other option Magento Commerce launched to handle SCD and reduce the time it takes for website maintenance is to disable full SCD entirely, and only run it on demand whenever a user requests the page. This option requires developers to move SCD to “On Demand” mode, then to enable post_deploy hook and cache warming. Then, your B2B site will only run SCD as needed – significantly increasing production deployment speed. Again, a Magento managed services provider with ongoing support can help you make these changes and increase speed.


Double the Available Memory


Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently powers Magento Cloud. In the beginning, Magento Cloud relied on the “C3” family of servers for production environments for Pro B2B customers. Under the latest cloud updates, however, Magento now implements the M4 family for new customers. All existing customers will also migrate to the M4 family of servers at no cost or downtime.


This change will give B2Bs a more than 100% increase in available memory – an improvement in services that will have an immediate positive impact on website performance. Using a Magento ongoing support provider for website maintenance and technical services can mean migrating to M4 sooner than you’re currently scheduled. If you wish to make a jump on the improvement ahead of schedule, contact a Magento managed services agency to learn how. Magento managed services at Forix can assist with this technical change.


Enhanced Website Security


Another significant improvement B2B owners can enjoy with the Magento Cloud updates is better website security. Thanks to the update, B2B owners no longer need to worry as much about constant site maintenance to prevent security breaches. Magento Cloud is rolling out a Web Application Firewall (WAF) by Fastly. WAFs can enhance security by preventing suspicions traffic from entering the network. Stopping malicious traffic from entering the site to begin with can help B2Bs avoid serious breaches and data hacks.


The WAF Magento will deploy will protect against OWASP Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Risks. Magento will roll out the update to all customers, using a template based on website traffic tests. Magento will provide ongoing support for the WAF by analyzing its performance and making updates as necessary. Although B2B merchants normally have to pay for their own WAF to protect their websites, this will be an automatic rollout for all Magento Cloud B2B customers as a standard part of the infrastructure’s services.


Help Your B2B Make the Most of the New Magento Cloud Features


Curious about how your Magento B2B website can get the most from all the latest Magento Cloud features and updates? With Magento managed services from Forix. Our ongoing support, technical services, regular maintenance, and other managed support make us a top agency for B2B owners looking to capitalize on the latest Magento Commerce rollouts.


Our certified expert developers can connect you to top tools and ongoing services to make sure you benefit the most possible from cloud features. Want to learn more about Magento Commerce cloud features for B2B websites? Contact Forix today.



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