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5 Perks of Magento Managed Support and Development

Magento managed support and development services are the key to conquering the competition in a busy e-commerce marketplace. Partnering with the right developers to create, control, and optimize your Magento website can make all the difference in the success of your B2B or B2C brand. Don’t take our word for it – view some of our success stories to see the incredible difference we can make!


No matter what your industry, organization, or mission, a dedicated team of developers and web specialists can turn business dreams into reality. Whether you need assistance attracting leads, improving click-through rates, or converting at the end of the sales funnel, find out what we can do to help. Explore the many unique benefits managed support services could give you with help from Forix Digital – a top ongoing Magento support agency.


  1. Make the Most of Your Magento Investment


Paying for a trusted e-commerce site provider such as Magento doesn’t make sense if you’re not going to make the most out of your investment. The number one way to achieve the best possible returns is with a knowledgeable agency informing your decisions. Partnering with professional Magento developers can help your website reach its full potential, with data-backed advice, top site design trends, and features that will help your brand outshine the competition.


Don’t spend a small fortune on Magento website developers only to have them leave once your site is published. The launching of your website is only the first phase of what should be an ongoing process. Managed support gives you a team of experts at all times, not just during the design phase of website building. With Forix, we’ll continuously adapt your strategy to accommodate the needs and desires of your target audience based on real data we collect. That way, you never miss an opportunity to clinch a sale.


  1. Prevent Security Breaches Before They Happen


With more and more sophisticated hackers circulating the web, it’s essential to keep your Magento website safe from expensive and harmful data breaches. Your users deserve protection of their private information. They want to know that they’re safe making purchases through your website. Ensure security with confidence when you partner with Forix for security maintenance. Our developers and technical experts will provide ongoing website monitoring, detecting and repairing any weaknesses in security before they lead to breaches.


Magento is one of the most stable and secure e-commerce platforms on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely hack-proof. Even the most sophisticated security systems can fall prey to hackers without ongoing managed services and maintenance. Having a team of experts keeping constant watch over your site can give you peace of mind. Forix can detect potential problems before they turn into data hacks, update your services for seamless security, and monitor your site 24/7 to support a healthy, issue-free platform.


  1. Benefit from Insider Tips and Advice


Magento managed support and development through Forix is more than just a team of website developers. It’s a network of experienced, insightful, and innovative e-commerce experts that can transform every aspect of your business. Your brand’s ongoing success depends on much more than just a beautiful website. You need data-backed marketing campaigns, content that drives conversions, and marketing that improves customer loyalty. Forix can provide all of these perks and more through our managed services.


Whether you need to fix an issue ASAP or simply want to chat with a knowledgeable expert on the state of your Magento site, Forix is here to talk. Our developers genuinely want to see your business succeed. We’ll not only help you get the most out of your Magento e-commerce store but out of your company as a whole. Enhanced website security, 24/7 monitoring, automatic backups, disaster recovery, and mobile-first site development are just a few of the ways we can boost your brand.


  1. Deliver a More Personalized User Experience


In an age where consumers can access thousands of companies in your industry with a simple Google search, you need to do a lot to really stand out. Your website is a window into your business – often the only window a customer sees before deciding whether to support your brand. Make the most of this limited opportunity with help from Forix. We know exactly how to tailor Magento websites to put small businesses in the spotlight.


Our site developers go far beyond simple site maintenance and technical support – we are a top agency because of our dedication to client success. This means increasing website visibility, smoothing out the sales funnel, and creating data-supported strategies to grow business. Whether you’re a B2B with problems making your site mobile-friendly or a B2C trying to impress visitors with a beautiful, intuitive site layout and personalized shopping suggestions, our ongoing Magento managed services has the answers you’re looking for.


The key is in user experience personalization. Magento offers a wealth of features and services to support website personalization, both on the technical backend side of things as well as your frontend development. Forix will assign top developers to optimize your website with personalization in mind, implementing services your customers will love and tackling site maintenance. We can help you set the standards for online experience tailoring in your industry.


  1. Enjoy Constant Magento Site Optimization


When you partner with Forix for Magento managed support and development services, you never have to worry about your website’s maintenance missing the mark or falling by the wayside again. You’ll have your own dedicated team of developers offering all the services your site and brand need to thrive. As your business grows, our services will change to adapt to your new needs. We are a scalable, affordable managed service provider with clients around the world.


To save money on IT services, benefit from 24/7 technical support, get automatic website maintenance, have access to your very own consulting board, and optimize your Magento site for maximum sales success, contact Forix Digital. We’ve helped dozens of B2B and B2C brands get better results from their Magento e-commerce sites and can do the same for you. Our unique technical support, integration capabilities, and exceptional managed services make us a top-rated agency in our industry. Count on us for all of your Magento management needs. Call 1 (800) 818-2361 to consult with an expert today.



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