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9 Best Practices for Magento Website Maintenance

The versatility of Magento as an e-commerce platform means it’s become exceptionally popular. The wide variety of services using Magento as their base shows that the open-source platform offers the solution many vendors need. At the same time, however, it is an intense service that requires regular maintaining for your website to work as intended.


Since it is an open source platform, the support network for Magento is mostly limited to community articles and guides. Navigating these tutorials and advice can prove difficult – especially for an e-commerce firm more interested in growing their business than working on behind the scenes technical support.


As a top Magento managed ongoing services agency, Forix is devoted to providing your company with quality support. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the nine best practices for your Magento based website.


  1. Update Your Security


As with any software, the most important solution for ongoing security is to keep up-to-date with software. Security services are continually updating, so keeping on top of the latest developments means protecting your website against the worst of data breaches and malware.


  1. Updating Patches


Magento is in constant development, and, if you do not keep up on the latest software patches, you may experience technical errors that could have been avoided. You do not have to be a developer to know the importance of keeping up-to-date, and the best way to prevent issues is to stay on top of the game.


  1. Prioritize your UX


E-commmerce services are all about showing off for the customer. That’s why UX – or user experience – is such a major issue for a web developer. Though bad UX may not cause security or technical issues, it reduces your conversion rate and may not keep customers on your website for long.


  1. Consider Devices


There are many different platforms a customer can view your Magento website from, and this is an ongoing consideration for good UX design. Curated and managed resolutions, mobile support, and design implementation is critical to ensure users get the most out of your services from whatever platform they use.


  1. Testing, Testing, and More Testing


Even if you aren’t a developer or support agency, the best way to find a problem is to test. If you have a current partnership with a Magento support services company, such as Forix, you can save time and energy for yourself and your developer partner by testing your site regularly and finding issues and errors.


Managed services will often take most of the burden of maintenance off your shoulders, but that does not mean you can’t help them out. If you receive a support ticket or complaint from a customer, for example, best practice would be to replicate the error before sending to your development company. Showing there is a consistent issue with your website saves time and energy for your Magento support team, getting everything operational much faster.


  1. Keep Your Caches On


Magento advises that you keep your caches activated, and only clear them rather than disable them. This keeps your website running smoothly and can help your storefront work as intended.


  1. Start off on the Right Foot


The best way to solve an issue is to prevent it from happening. Magento itself advises that you should plan for security from the beginning and that you work with a reliable agency to provide ongoing support and security services. Prioritizing your developer environment and security services from day one means that your website will be at lower risk for its entire lifecycle.


  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Two-factor authentication is a security measure for your website that requires a dual security clearance to enter your server. Magento is planning to implement this method in summer 2018 for e-commerce vendors and their managed services.


  1. Choose a Managed Support Company


Magento is an intense service and can very quickly become too burdensome for your in-house staff to manage. Luckily, there are plenty of choices for a good developer for managed security and technical services. Choosing the right developer for your website will set you on the path to success while your company uses Magento for e-commerce functionality.


Managed Magento Ongoing Support– Forix


By partnering with Forix, you let us take control of your managed Magento website maintenance and save yourself the time and money needed to grow your brand. Our world-class services have helped grow numerous companies by taking the burden of technical maintenance off their shoulders. We bring years of experience in excellent user experience, integration, design, and development to your firm.


A partnership with Forix is a commitment to success. Our managed services can keep your site up-to-date on all best practices, which is far more convenient than in-house development. As a leading developer for Magento platforms, we will grow your site while you do what you do best – deliver quality goods and services to your customers. Visit our website and check out our portfolio – we guarantee you’ll like what you see.



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