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AcuSport Integration With Magento Websites

AcuSport is one of the United States’ leading distributors of firearms, ammunition, competitive shooting, and outdoor sporting goods. Headquartered in Bellefontaine, Ohio, AcuSport has offices around the country staffed by knowledgeable experts in the firearms industry. Every AcuSport-certified professional receives extensive product training and customer service coaching to ensure he or she can accurately relay product information to customers around the country.

AcuSport and the Magento Platform

AcuSport operates as a distributor and business partner to many independent retailers, and those retailers need a website they can trust to keep their operations going. The Magento platform offers top-notch content management tools built into a robust ecommerce platform perfect for the unique concerns of firearms retailers.


Unlike other online purchases, a person who purchases a firearm online doesn’t receive their item in the mail. Instead, distributors such as AcuSport ship customer orders to the nearest local certified retailer in the customer’s area. This helps ensure firearms make it into the hands of licensed individuals who are legally permitted to purchase, own, and use them. The Magento platform integrated with AcuSport means customers have the ease of use, security, and reliability of the Magento platform when buying from AcuSport online.


The Magento platform allows for seamless integration, providing distributors like AcuSport with the tools they need to serve their customers and remain compliant with firearm sale regulations. Both buyers and purveyors of firearms can benefit, but it’s essential to use a reliable, customizable platform to ensure order accuracy and compliance with firearms laws.

Perfect for Any Retailer

Being an open source platform means it’s easier for web developers to tailor Magento to retailers’ specific needs. Since AcuSport distributes firearms, gun parts, ammunition, and shooting accessories to retailers all over the country, it’s vital to have cohesion among the many software applications these businesses use every day.


Magento is perfect for consumers, because a website built with Magento is built for eCommerce. Customer payments and information are secure, and both the retailer and the distributor stay in touch concerning their compliance requirements with federal firearms license laws. Anyone familiar with the firearms industry understands the supply and demand issues most customers encounter on a regular basis. Finding the right firearm or shooting accessory can be challenging, and the Magento platform helps retailers accurately reflect stock levels in real time, so customers know exactly what is available.

Building an eCommerce Platform

Integrating with the Magento platform is easy with the right web developer. The team at Forix is dedicated to creating customized solutions for online retailers, especially those facing the unique licensing and regulatory requirements of the firearms industry. We believe data-driven decisions lead to data-driven results, and we want to help retailers take advantage of how the Magento platform integrates with AcuSport’s distribution applications for seamless online transactions.


Federal firearms license holders are the only establishments permitted to sell firearms and accommodate customers’ online orders for pickup. It’s essential for these businesses to have an eCommerce suite that’s reliable, customizable, and easy to use. It’s also important to find a web developer who can handle a large-scale integration project successfully. The Forix team can help craft a unique website solution using the Magento platform, so reach out for more information today.

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