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An Introduction to Bronto



In order to maximize the use of your Magento e-commerce store, there are many different integrations that you can take advantage of. One such integration is Bronto, an online platform that helps you manage and automate all of your marketing campaigns, including social, mobile and email. Bronto is designed for integration with e-commerce solutions such as Magento, and it allows you to collect data, manage customers, and create automated responses to customer events.

Features of Bronto

Bronto offers a number of features for managing your marketing campaigns. First, it contains advanced segmentation tools that help your business target potential customers, recent buyers, lapsed buyers, and first time purchasers. Bronto also offers automation tools to respond to customer events such as abandoning a shopping cart or updating their wish list. In addition, Bronto provides real-time tracking and analytics as well as management for your contact lists.

You can also use Bronto to collect RFM metrics and perform A/B split testing. With Bronto, you can import orders and create transactional messages that are personalized, branded, and optimized for different devices. Finally, Bronto also contains mobile features such as QR code generation and social features that include social sharing and data tracking.

Benefits of Bronto

Bronto is a beneficial tool for your business because it allows you to enhance your online sales through improved targeted marketing. By collecting data on your customers, Bronto helps you improve your marketing campaigns for better customer engagement. Furthermore, by tracking customer events and providing automated follow-up marketing messages, Bronto increases your rate of conversion.

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