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An Introduction to Janrain


For Magento users, there is a wealth of excellent integrations to enhance the capabilities of your online store. With the Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP), you can enable social login and sharing in your Magento store. Janrain also allows you to collect data on user profiles to create a more personalized customer experience. Learn more about the three products offered by Janrain and the benefits of using this integration with Magento.


Janrain Software

Engage: With Engage, you can allow visitors to your website to create an account and login using a range of social media accounts. These include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Windows Live, and LinkedIn. These users are then able to share the content on your site or their activities on social media.

Capture: Capture enables you to collect profile data on the users that visit your website. Using Capture, your business can then leverage that data for better audience targeting.

Federate: By using Federate, your business can allow users to register only one time for all of the websites that you are partnered with.


Benefits of Janrain

When integrated with Magento, Janrain allows you to have customers login with their social profiles to complete transactions. This brings many extra benefits to your business. First, you can provide checkout services that are much, much faster. The user experience will also be more personalized due to data collection. This data will also allow you to target customers with specific promotions, increasing your rate of conversion from advertisements and boosting sales.

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