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AS/400 ERP and Magento Integration

When businesses around the world set up their online stores, many of them rely on Magento, the world’s top e-commerce platform. Online retailers and web developers favor Magento for its user-friendly dashboard, vast range of data visualization tools, simplified customization and search engine friendliness.


Magento is especially useful because of its connectivity with external systems. IBM’s AS/400 offers a midrange operating system that allows small businesses within larger organizations to manipulate back-office functions that involve sales, supply chain administration and distribution. It’s often regarded as a legacy system, but it remains in use for thousands of companies around the world. It continues to quietly do what it was designed for – supporting multiple applications and infrastructures.


Magento solutions for large SKU counts


Integrating Magento and AS/400 provides improved functionality. It can be a complex process that requires data point mapping during implementation. Access data stored on your ERP from your e-commerce website when your business needs the following:


  •       A simplified content management system


  •       Enhanced customer experiences


  •       Data synchronized between AS/400 and your Magento site


  •       Mobile availability


Integration Challenges

Integration with legacy systems can be a complex process. Often legacy sites like AS/400 do not provide for simple searches or mobile access. The process requires patches to prevent business interruptions while developers prepare the site and migrate data. The end result is well worth the effort with a mobile-ready site and data that flows imperceptibly behind the scenes allowing customers to access what they need.


IBM iSeries Integration

AS/400 first became available in 1988. In 2000, IBM rebranded it as the iSeries. Its longevity is partially due to its Technology Independent Machine Interface (TIMI) that permits applications to utilize hardware and software advances without having to be recompiled. Magento alone will not run on IBM iSeries, but it’s possible to provide integrated solutions.


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