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Data-Driven Website Design for B2B

Data-Driven Website Design for B2B
Every online store wants to pull in new customers to drive business, but that’s not all that’s important. For B2B businesses, maximizing conversions is the core to making the most of your customer base, especially because you likely have lower traffic volumes than more general B2C stores. That means you want to make the most out of every change and update you apply to your site.

Top Magento developer Forix uses data-driven redesign in all of our relevant services. With targeted focus and data-supported changes, Forix’s Magento ongoing support team can ensure that your Magento B2B website is always moving forward to better appeal to customers and complete conversions.


The Importance of Using Data for Your B2B Website

Many eCommerce website owners make their changes based on hunches or ideas that they come up with, hoping that an updated look or feature will help boost conversions and improve business. And while these changes can bring success, they have even more chance of not bringing any sort of change to your B2B conversions – and in the worst case, they can even drop your rates. Forix’s Magento managed support team will ensure your rates never drop, connect with an expert today.

That’s why it’s important not to make changes blindly. Instead, you need to rely on data to prove the effectiveness of your changes before you make any permanent adjustments. When you do, you can make focused updates that really will bring results and avoid any changes that won’t help to better boost your business. Need assistance to ensure you never make a blind decision with your Magento B2B site? Reach out to the digital experts on Forix’s Magento managed services team.

As mentioned, B2B websites tend to see lower traffic rates than other eCommerce stores and sites, even with focused SEO efforts. This is due in part to the specialized nature of B2B businesses, which try to reach a specific audience. That means that when you make changes, they should be proven effective for your audience to see results.


Building a Customized Strategy for Your Business with Magento Managed Support from Forix

A redesign element that works for one website has no guarantee of working for yours, even if you have similar products. Data-driven redesign allows you to instead focus on what appeals to your customer base and how to take advantage of it, developing the best approach for your store and brand.

Forix’s Magento development and ongoing Magento managed support services understand the importance of proven changes to help your Magento B2B business grow online. That’s why we always work with data-driven redesign to get your online store the best results.

We always start by first assessing your business’s needs and goals. From there, whether we’re building your site from scratch, migrating to Magento, or updating your existing storefront, we always use available data and more to ensure any changes or initial design elements are effective for turning your traffic into conversions. With Forix’s Magento managed support, we can provide you with necessary testing and further data analysis in all-out maintenance and update activities.

There’s no one size fits all solution for B2B eCommerce. Trust Forix to search for and develop the strategy that helps your business thrive.

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