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Boost Your SEO Strategy for Your Magento B2B Site

Boost Your SEO Strategy for Magento B2B
SEO is essential for getting your Magento B2B store in front of customers. Though you’ve likely already invested in your SEO strategy, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving standards of the market. And while you need to maintain SEO, doing it yourself can feel like you’re taking away time from other essential aspects of your B2B business.

Forix’s Magento managed support team doesn’t just stop at updating the look of your website, or providing Magento technical support. Our certified Magento managed services team can also help with developing the more strategic aspects of your website – including optimizing your website for SEO.


Optimizing Page Load Speed

In the current digital world, users expect your website to load within seconds; if you don’t meet this standard, then you’re inviting high bounce rates that ultimately reduce your search engine rankings – plus you’re also losing out on potential customers and conversions. Magento has great features, but including too many extensions can drastically lower site performance and speed, as can having too many large image files on your website.

Forix’s Magento managed support team works to evaluate your site and goals to make sure you have access to the tools and extensions you need – and eliminating the ones you don’t. We can also optimize your product images so that you don’t have to compromise high quality for page load speed, helping you meet customers’ (and search engines’) expectations.


Developing Your Site for Mobile

Newer SEO best practices dictate that mobile comes first in determining rankings for comparable websites, so your Magento B2B online store needs to be ready to meet mobile shoppers demands. Responsive website designs and mobile-dedicated stores are essential to create a smooth experience for both customers and your search engine rankings.

Forix’s Magento ongoing support developers can provide comprehensive services that integrate mobile responsive design, develop a dedicated mobile store, or update your current one so that it matches SEO best practices, making your business more accessible than ever.


Building Search-Friendly URLs

Besides creating unique web content that matches keywords and provides relevant information to the customer, B2B businesses also need to consider their URLs when developing their online stores for SEO. These also need to be unique, but including the primary keyword in its development helps both users and Google find the relevant information about the page.

Forix’s Magento managed services experts can analyze your current URLs and suggest and implement changes to help you create URLs that are search-friendly, even with more complicated product names. When you need to integrate new URLs into your B2B website, we can help with both development and matching your optimized URL structure.


SEO Services to Enhance Your B2B Magento Website

These aspects are just part of what Forix developers can do to optimize your Magento website for SEO. Just like any other eCommerce website, getting your Magento B2B online store in front of customers through search engines is how you can expand your business. With Forix’s Magento managed support experts, you’ll always have a team optimizing your site for the ever-developing best practices of SEO.

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