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Benefits of Migrating to Magento as a B2B

Online transactions have become vital for any kind of business. No matter to whom you are selling, an easy and reliable eCommerce solution is a necessary part of business success in today’s technical world. This is just as important for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Magento is a software designed to make eCommerce more effective, and it plays a special role for B2B companies. There are many reasons your B2B agency should use Magento.


Includes Everything a Company Needs


Organizing a B2B agency website used to be complicated. There are numerous pieces of technical information and data that clients need for their businesses, and setting it all up in a simple, coherent way is extremely difficult without eCommerce software.


Magento includes all the services and capabilities businesses are looking for from a B2B website. With Magento, you have top-tier cloud-based software that focuses on smoothing out the process. It provides the technical services and managed support to help brands of many types, channel partners, or other key accounts with which your B2B may be working. All your clients can maintain and manage their own businesses, setting up accounts and placing them into multiple tiers to help organize different customers into various categories, such as developers, agencies, partners, and all other companies.


Magento also gives the agencies with whom you are working the technical ability to view analytics, order histories, and other business information online and under one system. This will save you time, because you will not need to provide as much ongoing managed support. Instead of calling you whenever they have a problem, your customers are more likely to figure everything out on your Magento B2B website.


Faster Purchasing


The faster companies can make purchases from your B2B website, the happier they will be working with your company. All customers, both individuals and companies, are more likely to work with a top developer and ignore your services if they must wait around to complete the desired task.


Agencies have multiple purchasing options within your Magento B2B website; they can enter SKUs, upload CSV files, or select products from a preset list. Other companies, agencies, and developers will appreciate the ability to choose the way they want to complete their purchases.


Magento offers another service to make it even faster for your customers to process their orders: Your sales team can enter a list for the customer of products and, once the agency has agreed to the predetermined products, can quickly deal with quotes.


Ability to Customize


Some B2Bs deal with lack of flexibility on their eCommerce websites. Magento is known for its flexibility because it can grow or shrink with businesses over time. This skill also benefits B2B websites.


By using Magento’s ongoing managed services for your B2B website, you can customize your pricing and promotions. Instead of having limited, rigid pricing and promotion services, you can adjust things among various developers, agencies, and businesses.


Every customer is different, so different promotional tactics will work for each business. Magento allows you to split your customer base into segments and send different quotes and promotional content to each segment. The customization service will help your B2B be more effective with each business.


Optimized for Mobile Devices


Mobile devices have become significant platforms for online activity. People want to access websites of all kinds while they are on the go, because they do not have time to sit in front of a computer. Magento recognizes the increasing significance of mobile devices, so it offers ongoing managed support for B2B websites on them.


One of the biggest challenges companies face is a weak mobile website. If potential customers visit your website on their smartphones and it is difficult to navigate or does not transfer well, they may leave and go to a competitor. Magento helps B2Bs seamlessly transition from the original website to the mobile platform. An effective website on all platforms will increase revenue and develop a stronger client base for your B2B.


Fast and Easy Inventory Management


Tracking sales and orders can be a complicated and difficult part of being a B2B, especially if you are working with many agencies, developers, and businesses. The cloud-based services Magento offers provide one platform for managing many orders. When customers visit your B2B website, they can see an updated version of your inventory. If your customers can understand what you can offer them, there will be significantly less frustration from requesting a product you cannot provide. Magento’s top-rated ongoing managed services can increase customer satisfaction.


Easy Overall Management and Reduced Cost


Magento not only supports easy management for your inventory, it also supports overall management of your B2B. Instead of juggling many software programs to support your B2B, you can focus on Magento, simplifying the process while saving you money on eCommerce B2B services. Magento also has lower maintenance fees than many other eCommerce services; it prioritizes the client rather than focusing solely on ways to increase profits. With lower maintenance fees, any issues that arise will be less expensive to resolve.


B2B Magento Features and Services


The services and ongoing managed support needed for single businesses is different than B2Bs, so Magento provides specific services and features for B2Bs. One of the top features is a streamlined quote and price structure, which can support the entire process, speeding up responsiveness and increasing conversion rates. Magento provides flexible and reliable services and maintenance that can help B2B agencies provide developers, agencies, and other companies with the best service possible.


Forix and Magento


Forix is the leading developer for Magento managed services. The employees have extensive technical experience in managed support and maintenance of Magento for several different industries. No matter the size or type of B2B you run, Forix can help implement Magento services and provide as much ongoing managed support as you need to successful establish Magento in your B2B website. Reach out to a Magento B2B expert to get started.



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