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Best Magento Agency for Health & Beauty

Best Magento Agency for Health & Beauty

The health and beauty sector of retail used to be built on the customer’s capacity to feel, sniff, and try out products to stimulate consumer engagement and generate more sales. Technological progress and the growth of online beauty influencers have resulted in an increased demand for online health and beauty purchases. Health and beauty companies need to secure the most advanced e-commerce platforms to build enticing viewing and buying experiences for consumers to meet the online demand.


What Does Magento Offer the Health and Beauty Industry?


The Magento platform supplies companies with an extended medley of features and tools especially furnished with the capacity to assist health and beauty e-commerce businesses, including:


Reliable Cloud Hosting


Magento can manage your traffic spikes and ensure reliable performance. Your e-commerce site will work at its peak level, regardless of the platform on which your customer is accessing it.


Item Management and Compliance


Magento gives businesses the tools to combine brand content with merchandise, while ensuring all regulatory standards are met.


Swift Action


Businesses that use the Magento platform have the ability to grasp market opportunities at a faster pace. The Magento platform makes it easy for companies to originate new brands, supply to more markets, and quickly initiate new marketing campaigns. The highly customizable and dynamic collection of tools, features and countless extensions lets companies create optimal websites in record time.


Business Intelligence


E-commerce websites with Magento can employ the strength of data to get actionable insights and make more informed business designs for their companies. With the help of Magento business intelligence, your business will have detailed information at your fingertips. Comprehensive reporting and analysis will enable you to pinpoint your most valuable customers, merchandise, and sales so you can take advantage of new opportunities for profitability.


Best Magento Agency for Beauty and Health Success Story


Magento development agency Forix has become a well-known developer for health and beauty businesses. Forix’s support services have helped numerous companies optimize their Magento platform, including Sexy Hair, a hair care business.


Sexy Hair came to Forix with the hope of constructing a brand-enhancing e-commerce website with the capacity to improve brand visibility and recognition on a wider scale. Since Sexy Hair’s viewer base accessed the company’s website from mobile more than 50 percent of the time, Forix decided to build a completely mobile-friendly e-commerce platform that gave users all-inclusive access across all channels and devices. The result: Sexy Hair’s online shop experienced a 37 percent improvement in mobile conversions, a 12 percent mobile ACO improvement, and a 31 percent improvement in the time mobile users spent browsing. Sexy Hair is well on its way to lasting company growth and success in the health and beauty sector, thanks to the guidance of the expert Magento developers at Forix,


Contact the Best Magento Agency for Health and Beauty Today


With the assistance of the best Magento agency for health and beauty retailers, your business can procure all the functionality available in the Magento platform and acquire long-term achievement in the health and beauty industry. Connect with Forix today to take your health and beauty e-commerce shop to the next level of success.



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