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As technological improvements perpetually advance the processes of retail order fulfillment and delivery, it has become imperative for merchants to be proactive to sustain their place in the retail market. This means retail companies must continually adopt the latest processes of order management to get an edge over the competition. In addition, improvements in technology have paved the way for the emergence of countless new consumer demands such as:


  • More than 90% of all retail consumers demand an estimated time of arrival for their orders.
  • Over 60% desire the ability to buy items online.
  • More than 85% desire to make purchases online and pick them up in-store.
  • Over 70% desire their products delivered directly to stores.
  • More than 80% believe store employees are uninformed about merchandise availability, order progress, and delivery estimations.


With continuously evolving consumer demands, the importance of swift and effective order management has never been more essential. The need to keep up with the energetic pace of the retail market is precisely the reason businesses with e-commerce stores are gravitating toward the Magento platform for their business management solution needs.


As a prominent cloud-based platform solution for in-store and online retail merchants of all shapes and sizes, Magento has the capacity to streamline order management to enhance customer shopping experiences and improve sales across the board. Magento’s software acquires information, orchestrates company rules, and coordinates all operations for a time-saving, cost-reducing, and overall more effective order management process. With the assistance of Magento’s integrated order, inventory, and delivery tools, your retail company will have the opportunity to provide consumers with speedy and intuitive purchasing experiences for your customers across all channels.


Forix Retail Success


Having assisted many retail companies with their Magento website’s development and advancement, Forix is an authority on the possibilities of the Magento platform. For example, Forix helped Next Adventure, the Portland-based outdoor supplies store, improve the functioning of its e-commerce platform and enhance the site’s conversion rate. Before Forix renovated the company’s website, Next Adventure’s e-commerce sales were significantly restricted due to old fulfillment systems, which resulted in low online profit and reduced levels of user satisfaction. In order to renew their system, Forix re-established the company’s store completely, adding integrated enterprise resource planning, shipping, and point-of-sale operations to create a platform giving Next Adventure the flexibility it needed to make swift and easy adjustments to keep up with the pace of the constantly changing retail industry. The development team at Forix also generated a completely customized shopping experience with a look to reflect the company’s love of the outdoors in its sales campaigns. In the aftermath of the changes, New Adventures saw a 25% increase in the standard order value, 25 customized integration add-ons, and a dramatic reduction in the website’s bounce rate. Thanks to the talented design team at Forix, New Adventures has maximized the advantages of the Magento platform and made the most out of its e-commerce venture.


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The sky is the limit when you have the most valuable asset of all – a group of exceptionally skilled Magento developers devoted to seeing your business grow. Your website is essential to enabling perpetual advancement and market achievement. Connect with the experts at the best Magento agency for retail at Forix today.



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