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Best Magento Web Agency for Ecommerce CRO Strategies

Magento web agency for CRO strategy

Master Your Magento CRO Efforts With the Magento Experts at Forix

Conversion rates are, without a doubt, the most important metrics you can use to measure the success of your eCommerce business. Optimizing your conversions should be your number one priority, as conversion leads directly to sales and revenue. Successfully optimizing conversion rate is no easy feat, however. It takes careful planning and attention to detail to optimize every point in your sales funnel to improve conversions. For a competitive edge in these endeavors, you’ll need to partner with a Magento web agency like Forix for your Magento CRO efforts to be a success.

Your e-commerce website relies on conversions to stay afloat, no matter what. Even when your website is on a fantastic platform like Magento, there are still things you can do to optimize your site for better conversion rates. Forix’s Magento experts can help bring the best Magento CRO strategies to life for your online store.

Taking Advantage of Magento CRO Features

There is no denying the importance of good, high quality CRO for any ecommerce website. You can think of conversions as the tiny tributary streams that feed into the river of your sales funnel. If you dam up the tributaries by neglecting your CRO efforts, then the river won’t flow as strongly, and your sales funnel will diminish. To keep the river of your sales funnel flowing fast and strong, you need to ensure that your tributary channels are feeding into it with consistent conversions. Optimizing your conversion rates using the tools available will help keep everything flowing smoothly. 

Aside from providing the foundation for your e-commerce website, Magento 2 and Magento Enterprise Edition also have multiple tools available to help you boost conversions at all stages of your sales funnel. Some of the most important and effective Magento CRO features are

  • Visual merchandiser (Enterprise exclusive): This feature allows you to rearrange your product and display pages to best encourage conversions – all with a simple click and drag movement.
  • Customer segmentation: Dividing your different types of customers into segments allows you to provide the right material to the right people- this is especially helpful if you do both B2B and B2C.
  • Elasticsearch (Enterprise exclusive): With customizable search options including weighted attribute values, search synonyms, and stop words, customers can find what they’re looking for with ease.
  • PayPal and saved credit cards: Shorten and simplify checkout time with readily available and easy to use payment options.
  • Abandoned cart recovery features: If a customer happens to abandon a cart while shopping, Magento 2 can provide you with reports on this data, and send follow up emails to encourage a customer to return.

These tools are just a few of the official features that the Magento experts at Forix can help you implement. Many open source extensions available for Magento users will allow you to further improve your conversion rates. Don’t let these tools go to waste when planning your Magento CRO strategy- make sure you partner with a Magento web agency like Forix to help implement these CRO best practices.

Avoiding Common Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes

While there are best practices to boost your conversion rates, there are also worst practices that will take the wind out of your CRO strategies sails. When working on your Magento CRO, our Magento experts will make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Not being upfront about additional costs, such as shipping fees. If you don’t offer free shipping, be sure to disclose the rates as early as possible in the shopping process.
  • Unclear return policies. The customer wants to feel assured that, should they be unsatisfied with their product, they can return or exchange it.
  • Not being easy to contact. Failing to provide a clear way to reach you can be a real trust killer for many consumers. Have easy contact options available through multiple channels, including live chat, email, FAQ pages, and phone – and display that information clearly.
  • Unclear delivery times. Not providing information about when a customer’s purchase will arrive does not encourage conversions. You should at least provide a rough estimate (2-3 days), but approximate dates are preferable (September 1-2).
  • Inconvenient payment processes. Even if a customer makes it all the way through your purchasing process, they may still abandon their cart if paying is a hassle. Have several options available, and try to include one option like PayPal or Amazon Payments to ensure a safe and secure payment.

These all too common mistakes are easy to overlook when developing your Magento eCommerce site. A certified Magento web agency like Forix can help guide you through the conversion rate optimization process. Our Magento experts know the ins and outs of CRO in order to take your conversions to the next level.

Magento web agency Forix for conversion rate optimization strategies.

Partner With a Magento Web Agency to Optimize Your Conversions

There are many ways to approach your conversion rate optimization project. However, if you don’t know how to implement the features and tools available, you won’t be able to utilize them to your full advantage. To get the most out of your Magento CRO features, you’ll need the help of certified Magento experts. A Magento web agency like Forix can help to implement these CRO tools and develop strategies to boost your conversions. 

When you start to implement best practices and avoid common CRO mistakes, you will create a situation where your conversion rates are poised to improve. Good CRO practices will have a significant impact upon your sales funnel and overall profitability of your eCommerce site.

Forix’s Magento experts can help you prepare your e-commerce website for Magento CRO, including implementing extensions, cleaning up ineffective strategies, and more. Get in touch with certified Magento web agency Forix today to get started. 


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