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Boost Your Conversion Rates With Forix’s Ongoing Magento Support Services

Boost CRO with Ongoing Magento Support
Hosting your e-commerce website on Magento already puts your online business in a good position. After all, Magento’s vast array of features and open source extensions means there’s no shortage of ways you can boost your brand and sales. When it comes to increasing sales and boosting conversion rates, the right strategies can really help your business grow, especially with the help of Forix’s Ongoing Magento Support.

Forix’s team of Magento certified developers know the techniques and tools to help optimize your site’s conversion rates. With customized strategies to match your business goals and brand, Forix can set your Magento store up and ensure it is done successfully with the skillful Magento Support team .


Advanced Search Engine Features

When customers have a hard time finding what they’re looking for on your website, there’s little chance of them making the extra effort to complete a purchase. Magento does have built-in search features, and Magento 2’s Enterprise Edition has Elastic Search to help you set up an advanced search engine with customized filters. If you are unsure which search feature is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to a dedicated Forix member for advice on Magento technical support.

Whether you use Enterprise Edition or are on Open Source Magento, Forix can set up your best search engine to fit the needs of your customers. From setting weighted attributes, stop words, and search synonyms to integrating third-party search engines, we can build your site’s optimal search engine because our Magento managed support is so strong.


Enhanced Product Pages

While the general look of your Magento website is important for conveying your brand and creating a convenient browsing experience, you can’t neglect your product pages. After all, your customers are on your Magento website to make a purchase, and product pages are what make that happen.

You need to have simple layout, high-quality pictures where possible, and informative yet easy to digest descriptions. Forix’s developers are familiar with all built-in features and extensions available to create product pages that convince customers to go ahead and make that purchase. Still need some convincing? Connect with a technical specialist here and learn more about Forix’s Magento managed services.


Quick Checkout Processes

Cart abandonment is the nemesis of many e-commerce businesses, as a customer is likely only a few steps away from completing a purchase. Most often, cart abandonment happens because of complicated checkout procedures, such as requiring signup, filling in billing and shipping info, and having too many steps to finish.

For both desktop and mobile-friendly checkout processes, trust Forix to find the best solution for your Magento store, reducing cart abandonment and keeping your conversion rates up. If you’d like to speak to a Magento expert about increasing your conversion rate, contact our team and we can tell you more about how you could benefit from our Magento Support.


Straightforward Payment Methods

The latest versions of Magento have built-in PayPal features, which creates a fast and simple way for customers to check out. Many online shoppers already have PayPal accounts, meaning that connecting their purchase to an existing pay service takes away the hassle of filling out billing information. Integrating these popular methods also provides a level of security that customers can trust.

Besides ensuring your Magento store makes use of the most easily accessible payment methods, Forix can also set up multi-currency features and target the payment methods that your customer base uses. Whatever payment features you want to integrate, Forix developers can support that with the help of Magento managed services.


Forix Magento Ongoing Support Services to Boost Your Conversion Rates

When you’re ready to start optimizing your Magento store’s conversion rates, reach out to Forix. With Magento ongoing support services, your e-commerce website will always follow best CRO practices, allowing your business to grow.



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