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Boosting Conversion Rates With Magento

One of the most efficient and underused methods of increasing eCommerce sales is Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO), but implementing this method can be difficult for some businesses that may not have the time or resources to invest in developing a winning strategy. Forix is available to assist with conversion rate optimization in Magento for businesses of all sizes in many industries.


Understanding How Magento CRO Works


The Magento platform is incredibly versatile and can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing and content strategy that captures new leads, engages with and nurtures existing leads, and ultimately converts those leads into sales and repeat sales. Magento site performance optimization capabilities boost your conversion rate by improving page loading speeds, one of the biggest frustrations among modern digital consumers. Most customers won’t bother waiting for a slow-loading and clunky checkout process when other brands offer more streamlined digital purchasing experiences.


Forix will analyze your page loading speeds and make adjustments to your Magento suite as needed to ensure quick and reliable checkout processes for all your eCommerce sales. We can also help merge the Magento content management system with your existing system to ensure your site doesn’t suffer an SEO penalty for duplicate content. The Magento platform makes it simple to schedule and deliver content to your site and your mailing list, and Forix can provide ongoing support that empowers you to make changes in real time to account for changing market trends and consumer habits.


Ultimately, you should take advantage of all the available Magento performance optimization options, extensions, and customization tools you need to improve your conversion rate and Forix will help you capitalize on these assets to the greatest effect.


Improving Your CRO With Magento


A few minor tweaks in your eCommerce site’s pricing and other features can have a tremendous effect on your CRO efforts. Pricing and shipping options are obviously two of the most important factors for most consumers considering an online purchase. You not only need to price your products competitively but also find other ways to incentivize your leads to complete the checkout process.


Forix offers ongoing testing and analytical tools to help you adjust your pricing, checkout process, and other aspects of your online store for a massive conversion rate boost. Magento makes it easy to change pricing, shipping options, and checkout display so your customers have better experiences. For example, simply increasing product prices by a few dollars each and adding a free shipping option can be enough to boost sales with minimal expense.


Talk to a Magento CRO expert at Forix to learn more about your conversion rate.



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