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Building Your eCommerce Store Through Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus can be a fantastic tool for building your eCommerce website. With extensive customization options and tools, you have a powerful platform on your hands to help your online business grow. If you want to get started with Shopify Plus, count on the skilled developers at Forix to design and develop your new online store.


Design and Themes to Bring Your Brand to Life

Shopify Plus gives you access to themes, which help with the design of your website. When you have an appealing design that’s simple to navigate, you create a website that your customers enjoy using.

At Forix, we work to match the design and theme of your Shopify Plus website to best match your brand and preferred customer experience – and we have the knowledge to make those designs into reality. We can develop, test, and launch your site with the best theme and layout to fit your brand’s unique impression.


Customizable Checkout Processes to Increase Conversion Rates

Even when you have a strong branding strategy and appealing website design, you can still lose business if your checkout process isn’t customer friendly. Shopify Plus already has a highly customizable checkout process, and Forix can help you make the most of it.

Our skilled developers stay up to date on the best practices for all aspects of eCommerce website design – including making the most straightforward checkout process. From creating intuitive pages to integrating payment and shipment options, we’ll set up your checkout to keep cart abandonment rates low and your sales high.


Related Products and Email Notifications to Encourage Return Customers

Even after you’ve made a successful sale, your involvement with the customer doesn’t stop. Follow-up emails and product suggestions are they best ways to target your former customers and encourage follow-up purchases.

Shopify Plus gives you the tools to make these interactions possible, with customizable related product sections and email campaigns. The developers at Forix want to see your business succeed as much as you do, so we can help you take advantage of these tools with customized strategies that keep your business goals in mind.


Trust the Shopify Plus Experts at Forix to Create Your Best eCommerce Site

If you’re ready to start building your online store with Shopify Plus, contact the skilled developers at Forix to get the job done. We use our extensive experience with eCommerce websites to give you the best possible store and keep your customers coming back.

We can handle every aspect, from initial design through development to launch and beyond. Forix ensures that your Shopify Plus site stays up to date and running smoothly, no matter what situation may arise. We handle all aspects of your website, so you can focus on handling your business.

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