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Celerant Integration with Magento for Snow Sports

Celerant Integration with Magento for Snow Sports

Integrating Celerant into your Magento snow sports website could mean jumping from inept, difficult-to-manage business systems to one clear, unified platform for all of your processes. Celerant Magento integration can increase mobile revenues, more than double conversion rates, and yield more unique purchases than your current retail management software. Real-life success stories have grown astronomically in the last few years thanks to Celerant integration. Your snow sports brand could be next.


Celerant Integration: Snow Sports Company Success Story

Don’t take our word for Celerant’s business-changing capabilities: read a few actual success stories. One company, SV Sports, has sold winter sports gear using Celerant since 2010 with an impressive track record of success. Since integrating Celerant, SV Sports has revamped its e-commerce department, created a new Celerant-built website, and expanded to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Through Celerant, SV Sports has full integration into these marketplaces and enjoys rapid growth without any roadblocks along the way. Celerant enables SV Sports to sell from 18 brick-and-mortar stores as well as an e-commerce site without a hitch. Integrating Celerant has made this snow sports retailer increase online sales by 60% in the last three years.


Why Celerant Is an Ideal Integration for the Snow Sports Industry

Celerant is not a newcomer to the snow sports industry. It has long-since been the number one retail management software for all types of sporting goods retailers. Celerant Technology Corp. keeps up with the snow sports industry through active memberships with the Snow Sports Industries of America, National Sporting Goods Association, Nation’s Best Sports, and many other associations. The following features can uniquely help companies in the snow sports industry:


  • Automated fulfillment and drop-shipping
  • Manage multiple retail locations through one system
  • EMV for customer security and trust
  • Cater to the unique needs of sports consumers
  • Ease of payments with numerous solutions
  • Eliminates credit card machine mistakes and repeats
  • Snow sports equipment inventory management
  • Custom and bulk order capacity for snow sports teams
  • Vendor catalog imports from top equipment companies
  • Integration with Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces


It’s amazing just how much of a difference Celerant can make to a snow sports company’s management processes. Optimize virtually every aspect of your business, online and in-store, with one simple integration. There’s a reason so many brands in the sporting goods industry trust Celerant; it actually works.


Is Celerant Integration Your Ideal Option?

Is your snow sports company missing out on sales because of glitches on your e-commerce site, lost customer data, and lack of multichannel integration? Celerant can solve all of these problems. Put your winter merchandise in front of the right people at the right time, both in-store and online. Join huge marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart to grow your business. Enjoy easy, rewarding scalability without a system overhaul every few years. Receive all these benefits and much more when you integrate Celerant with Magento.


Integrate Celerant with Magento in Snow Sports Today

Integrating Celerant with Magento for snow sports business can pave the way to the future of consumerism. Forix has experience integrating Celerant in the snow sports industry and knows exactly how to help your business grow using this proven management platform. Sign up for your custom integration with help from Forix’s Magento managed services. Reach out today.




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