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Certified Magento Agency Forix for Magento 2 Migration Assistance

Choose a Certified Magento Agency for Your Magento 2 Migration

Choosing the right certified Magento agency for your Magento 2 migration is the most important thing you can do to get your migration off on the right foot. Partnering with a Magento agency who understands your goals, budget, and time frame will give you an advantage when it comes to completing your M2 migration successfully. Forix is one of the leading Magento agencies in the world, with over 700 successful launches on the Magento platform. We employ a strong and skilled team of more than 60 certified Magento experts and developers to help make your eCommerce dreams a reality.

When choosing a certified Magento agency, you’ll want to find one with experience in your unique industry. Forix has partnered with businesses in a variety of industries, including automotive, fashion, outdoor sports, and more. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help bring your eCommerce business into the future with Magento 2.

Certified Magento Agency Forix for Magento 2 Migration

When to Begin Your Magento 2 Migration

With End of Life for the Magento 1 platform scheduled for June 30th, 2020, the best time to start your Magento 2 migration is now! A full scale migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 can take as long as six months, depending on the scale and complexity of your M1 website. Your theme, extensions, product data, and customer data will all need to be migrated to the new platform, and testing is necessary to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

To keep your Magento 1 website secure while we complete the migration process, Forix is offering a comprehensive Magento 1 security solution package. Our M1 security package features and services include

  • Up-time monitoring 
  • PCI Scans 
  • Malware Scans 
  • Page Speed Monitoring 
  • Server Monitoring 
  • SSL Monitoring
  • Magento Version Monitoring
  • Patch and Version Notification
  • Firewall Implementation and Monitoring

Maintaining Magento 1 security after official support ends later this month is crucial. Ensure that your website doesn’t miss a beat during the migration process when you partner with Forix for M1 security and M2 migration services.

Certified Magento Agency for M2 Migration

Advice for a Successful Magento Migration

Migrating from the Magento 1 platform to the Magento 2 platform is not just a simple upgrade. It is essentially a move to an entirely new platform, with its own parameters and special rules. You’ll need the assistance of a certified Magento agency to complete your migration on time and on budget. There is plenty of room for error when transferring important information and data, but you can mitigate your risk by choosing the right Magento agency.

Migrating to Magento 2 After EOL in June

Official support for the Magento 1 platform is quickly coming to a close. In less than a month, the over 150,000 eCommerce websites remaining on the Magento 1 platform will find themselves unsupported and woefully unsecured. When this happens, merchants will find their websites susceptible to cyber security threats. Forix can help you mitigate these threats with our Magento 1 security options and managed support packages.

Don’t let your eCommerce site fall victim to cyberattacks, hackers, and malware after EOL comes to pass. Get in touch with the certified Magento experts at Forix today to learn more about how we can protect your Magento 1 eCommerce website while assisting you in your Magento 2 migration. Give us a call today to get started.

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