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Chattanooga Shooting Integration with Magento

Outdoorsmen and shooting enthusiasts have come to associate the Chattanooga Shooting name with outstanding customer service and a fantastic selection of the world’s best brands of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, and outdoor equipment. To meet the needs of an ever-growing customer base, Chattanooga Shooting and similar businesses need access to a high-quality e-commerce experience.

Chattanooga Shooting and the Magento Platform

Magento offers businesses a streamlined platform for their e-commerce sites. Buying and selling online can be a tremendous boost to business, and while firearms dealers have unique concerns compared to other types of retailers, the right e-commerce site is an important part of conducting business today. Firearms distributors must coordinate between customers and licensed gun dealers because customers don’t receive firearms in the mail like other purchases. Due to their dangerous nature, federal law requires distributors to ship customer orders to a licensed gun dealer near the customer. Once it arrives, the licensed gun dealer arranges customer pickup.
Distributors and retailers need an e-commerce platform that they can depend on for inventory management, order tracking, and customer service. Customers want to buy from websites they know and trust to keep their payment and personal information secure. Magento offers the best of both worlds in an easily customizable platform.

Integrating with Magento

Magento is a web developer’s dream, due to its open source nature. In the right web developer’s hands, Magento can shape to meet client needs, especially when it comes to building e-commerce sites. Firearms distributors need a platform that can integrate with their existing software applications, and Magento is flexible enough to accommodate this need. Magento is a robust content management system backed by a powerful back-end engine.
Firearms purchases online have been a point of contention in public debate for years. Many people believe that buying firearms online opens the door to fraud or weapons making their way into the hands of dangerous individuals. However, federal regulations and state laws break down these issues to prevent unauthorized individuals from purchasing or obtaining firearms. The Magento platform affords distributors like Chattanooga Shooting with an e-commerce site outfitted with all of the required capabilities, like background check confirmation, licensing confirmation, and other concerns unique to the firearms industry.

Building with Magento

Magento is robust, customizable, and capable of meeting virtually any need a firearms distributor like Chattanooga Shooting may have. However, successful e-commerce sites require the attention of talented, experienced web developers. The Forix team has extensive experience with the Magento platform, and we want to help other retailers and distributors find success in the online market.
Our team can help ensure distributors and retailers meet all of their federal compliance and regulatory requirements, while still providing the best customer experiences possible. We can help configure all of the essential extensions a site requires to provide stellar customer service while adhering to applicable regulations. Reach out to the team at Forix to find out more about how Magento can transform your e-commerce site.

About Chattanooga Shooting

Chattanooga Shooting began in 1977 when two men who loved the outdoors decided to turn their passion for shooting sports into a high quality firearms retailer. From humble beginnings working out of their garage, Chattanooga Shooting now employs more than 100 people in a 75,000 square foot facility.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is for commercial and educational purposes and is not legal advice or opinion and should not be relied upon as such. Forix does not make any claims to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information contained on this site as all laws including firearms laws may change without notice at any given time. Please read our full disclaimer here.

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