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Choose the Right Magento Web Agency for Your Ecommerce Website

Meeting Your Ecommerce Goals with a Magento Web Agency

Finding a qualified Magento web agency is the first step to meeting your eCommerce goals. When you partner with a certified Magento agency like Forix, you’ll have access to our skilled teams of Magento experts and developers. We have the skills and experience necessary to take on even the most challenging and ambitious optimization projects. 

With more than 700 successful launches of eCommerce websites on the Magento platform, Forix is ready to help you meet and exceed your goals. Whether you want to focus on conversion rate optimization, improving page load speed, or redesigning your site for better user experience and AOV, Forix can help.

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Strategies for On Site Optimizations

To make lasting improvements to your eCommerce site, Forix employs a variety of optimization strategies and techniques. Some of our tried and tested methods include

  • Integrate an advanced third party on- site search engine 
  • Redesign product pages and navigation
  • Analyze your UX data to better cater to your target audience
  • Optimize your site and server settings for faster page load speed
  • Shopping cart and checkout optimization
  • Install extensions for improved performance

By optimizing your eCommerce website to cater directly to your target demographic, you’ll see an increase in conversion rates and average order value. We can help to redesign and optimize product detail pages for a more compelling shopping experience. By making improvements to user experience, including correcting issues with shopping cart or checkout, or integrating a third party payment option like PayPal, you can significantly boost your conversion rate. Additionally, by optimizing your website for faster page load speed, you can decrease your bounce rate and improve your transactions and time spend on site for users.

Managed Services and Ongoing Support

Forix offers professional managed services and reliable ongoing support for our clients on the Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms. As one of the leading Magento web agencies in the world, we are prepared to help you meet your eCommerce goals. 

Our managed services and ongoing support packages include

  • PCI Scans 
  • Malware Scans 
  • Page Speed Monitoring 
  • Server Monitoring 
  • Patch and Version Notification
  • Firewall Implementation and Monitoring

By signing up for managed services and ongoing support, you know that your website will be protected from cyber threats and malware attacks. You’ll have access to the latest security patch and Magento version updates as they become available, and we will monitor your website around the clock for unplanned downtime and issues with page speed. The best way to protect your eCommerce site is with managed services and ongoing support from a trusted Magento 2 agency, like Forix.

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Choose the Right Magento Web Agency

Choosing the right Magento web agency for your business is essential. Forix has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including automotive, fashion, sporting goods, food and beverages, and more. We have experience in retail, DTC, and wholesale eCommerce and are well versed in the nuances of each niche. To learn more about how you can boost your eCommerce website’s performance with ongoing support and managed services, get in contact with our Magento experts today.

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