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Common Problems Solved In Magento Maintenance Services

We’ve developed several e-commerce websites for our clients. We’ve made sure that every website functions to its maximum potential and without any glitches. However, we don’t leave our clients halfway. We’re in it for the long haul!

As you know, websites don’t run by themselves once they’re developed. To put it simply, we get involved in the process and ensure to identify any issues from minor bugs to major emergencies. Our unique Magento maintenance services include proactive and reactive responses to manage website issues swiftly.

Need to understand what we’d be managing once we get into the maintenance phase? Let’s take you through our maintenance team expert’s checklist.

Common maintenance problems our Magento experts work to resolve

We’ve solved a bunch of website issues, and here’s how we did it best for our clients.

Bugs and instability: We’ve identified bugs and website instabilities through code audits and monitoring tools. In doing so, we’ve stabilized the site so our clients can focus on their ROI initiatives.

Emergencies: Our team can’t stop thinking about our client’s websites because we just want to make sure that more uptime results in more sales. That is why we have a 24×7 Magento emergency support setup.

Patches and security: We take care of critical patches, updates and compliance to establish robust security. Through this process, we’ve helped websites deliver, build credibility among its customers, and maximize uptime. These websites are also insulated against risks.

Upgrading existing features: You’ve got to run with the times and so does your website. We understand the need to constantly upgrade and meet customer-oriented expectations. Therefore, we evaluate system differences and custom business rules, and then apply them through quality analysis to make sure you stay on the latest version of your platform.

Project backlogs: Our clients have many pending backlogs because they just didn’t have the right team until they met us. But now, things are different; we’ve tackled heavy workloads and got to fun stuff faster.

Integration challenges: There are systems put in place that need to be integrated with your website. We work towards improving data mapping, and fix any data integration issues, smoothing out back office workflow.

Whatever your website demands, we have a strong Magento maintenance and support team ready to troubleshoot and solve all your technical challenges.


  1. For how long will you support my website?
    We have a team to back you up for the duration preferable to you.
  1. What if I need something urgently attended on and for my website? Will your team be available?
    We have a Magento emergency support team ready to help, 24×7.
  1. Do I really need website maintenance after my website is developed?
    Yes, website maintenance ensures that you are free from any glitches that keep your customers from accessing you.
  1. I have some admin errors. Can your team resolve it?
    Yes, we specialize in resolving Magento admin errors.
  2. How much will it cost to maintain my website?
    This depends on your requirements. Why don’t we discuss this over a call?

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