Customers often need a reason to finish checking out. Items added to a cart and then abandoned indicate there is something missing to help them complete the checkout process. Forix has some ideas and strategies to help your customers complete the sale, increasing your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Here’s a look at some of these techniques to get you started.


Flash Sales


Flash sales are a great way to increase your revenue over a short period of time. By putting your product on sale for a short period of time, customers know they have to pull the trigger quickly or they will miss out on the deal. A flash sale could be a price drop on an item, a percentage off the whole cart, or an added incentive to finish checking out. Giving your customers a reason to check out will increase your eCommerce conversion rate optimization and decrease abandoned carts on your site.


Limited Quantities Notification


Nothing sends a shopper to the cart faster than knowing the product they want is almost sold out. Forix can add a plugin to your site that alerts your customers when the stock is running low, nudging them to complete the sale. Knowing that the product may soon be gone typically makes people rush to check out, avoiding an abandoned cart. Fewer abandoned carts mean a higher eCommerce conversion rate for you.


Restock Notification


Add a waitlist or a restock notification system to your warehouse management system. It alerts customers when the item they want is back in stock and helps them complete the checkout process. Not only does it add another sale to your income, but it also shows your customers you care about them and are trying to meet their needs. This small feature can make a huge difference in the way of customer service. Forix can show you a variety of plugins that can automatically manage this system for you, helping to increase conversion rate.


End of Season Clearance


If your items are seasonal, try increasing revenue with a seasonal clearance event. Advertise to customers that limited quantities of each item will sell out to drive customers to the shopping cart. Also, include that the event runs for a limited time only. Limited timeframes create urgency, making customers feel like they need to hurry up to complete their transaction. Without urgency, they have no reason to think the item won’t be available again in the future. Clearance sales increase conversion rate optimization by driving customers to complete their order before supplies run out.


If you are looking for ways to increase your CRO, give Forix a call. Our team of designers will work with you to create the perfect website to serve the needs of your customers. Call today to find out how we can help turn your visitor clicks into sales.