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Converting Users To Customers Through E-Commerce Optimization


Your Magento is going to give you the revenue you deserve based on the performance of your website. This means that Magento SEO and e-commerce optimization services play an essential role here.

As expert Magento e-commerce developers, Forix has a team with several years of experience. What they’ve witnessed is countless websites lose focus of the main goal – the users. The users will convert based on their experience on the website. However, online store owners seldom take heed of this point while they continue to let their websites go un-optimized over time.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand how SEO converts users to customers.

Converting users to customers through e-commerce optimization services
In this post, we’re offering Magento SEO tips to help you convert users to customers on your online store.

Simple optimization techniques at your fingertips:

  • Optimize the URL structure of your website by adding a relevant keyword to it. A keyword that people mostly type when they try to find their products of interest. Suppose you want to sell groceries online – you could try buying a domain name that says ‘’ / ‘ShoppingGroceries’ / ‘BuyVeggiesHere’, and similarly other simple URLs. Note that these are just examples, and such URLs are to be decided and strategically finalized by your Magento e-commerce developer.

  • Optimize your metadata that provides information about your website’s content. The Metadata consists of a title, description, keyword-rich tags for product and category settings, and structured data for rich snippets. So, by optimizing your metadata with the right information, the site navigation will improve, including visibility to the pages in the search results.

  • Put up original content on the site and make sure not to duplicate that content. This means that each page should have original content plus content that is not similar in any way to other websites. If you have multiple pages similar to each other, it will affect your ranking position on SERPs.
    That said, suppose there is unavoidable duplicate content due to the same products coming on different pages, you can apply some tactics. Firstly, ad canonical tags, followed by robot.txt, category and product URLs. This is practically applicable in cases such as girls’ dresses coming under the baby girl category as well as toddler girl’s dresses sections on a website.

  • Optimizing interlinks can help search engines crawl your Magento website easily. This results in enhanced site navigation for the users, which results in a better user experience. Optimizing interlinks can range from site hierarchy to sitemaps to links of articles and content.

  • Magento SEO extensions are a better option over third-party extensions as this step reduces SEO-related tasks. The Magento SEO toolkit extension combines some SEO features like cross-linking, optimizing metadata, image optimization, sitemaps, etc. However, third-party extensions conversely affect performance issues in the long run and should be avoided.

If you are looking for expert e-commerce optimization services, contact us at Forix. Our team of Magento developers are ready to optimize your website with the best result-oriented Magento SEO efforts.

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