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Crazy Egg Integration With Magento

Integrate Crazy Egg with magento
Crazy Egg is one of the premier click tracking tools for Magento e-commerce websites. A Crazy Egg integration with Magento can provide you with tools that allow you view heat maps, scroll maps, and access data based on user clicks. With these features, you can grasp a comprehensive understanding of how users are interacting with your e-commerce website.


Crazy Egg supplies features that can help all marketing, sales, and retail companies obtain deeper user insights regardless of industry or sector. Just a few of Crazy Egg’s customers include Dell, Etsy, and Yahoo – companies that know the value of a strong platform for marketing. If you think Crazy Egg could benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an integration expert on Forix’s Magento ongoing support team.


Some of the central highlights of this tool include:


  • Heat maps. This feature gives you the chance to find the busiest areas of your website on each page. Heat maps provide an image that indicates exactly where users are clicking on your Magento store site.


  • Scroll maps. Crazy Egg gives you data on user scrolling activities and insight into the rate of clicks per page.


  • Reporting. Crazy Egg offers advanced reporting tools that can allow you to evaluate visitor base, page tracking details, monitoring status, heat maps, and more.


Crazy egg is simple to set up and can be positioned on all the pages you want to monitor. The Magento integration experts at Forix can help you with the set-up and ensure your integration is executed in a precise manner. Crazy Egg also does not interfere with website performance, so your customers will not encounter disruptions during their time on your e-commerce website.


If you are searching for ways to improve your Magento e-commerce shop, think about the advancements you can secure with Crazy Egg’s analytic tools. With deeper insight into the actions of site visitors, you can access suggestions to make changes and increase your website’s conversion rate.


See How to Integrate Crazy Egg With Magento


A Crazy Egg integration with Magento can help you monitor and track your site usage and visitor engagement. With Magento managed support from Forix, you can access the perks of having an expert integration.



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