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Create Better Shopping Experiences With Magento Support

Better Shopping Experiences With Magento Support
Did you know that shopping cart abandonment lost $4.6 trillion in sales in 2016 alone? E-commerce is a competitive business, and failing to attract customers – as well as see them through a purchase – can cost merchants severely. One major problem in shopping cart abandonment is the failure of a website developer to optimize mobile support. Although mobile users represent 46% of e-commerce traffic, many websites fail to provide easy to use ongoing services for checking out and making purchases. Avoid these problems by partnering with a top Magento e-commerce website developer.


What Is Magento?


Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that can integrate with your website to provide a variety of useful tools, applications and analytics for any budding e-commerce brand. The managed technical services offered by Magento allow for ongoing conversions and flexibility and is completely scalable.


Magento integrates with e-commerce tools such as Amazon pay, as well as useful tax calculations and shipping option solutions to maximize the benefit from your website. These services allow you to have a one-size-fits-all platform that ticks all the boxes you need for running your online store.


A good platform, however, is only as useful as its website. With abandonment rates nearing 80%, you must follow through with your user experience in order to complete the transaction. Mobile is the worst offender – with an 85.65% abandonment rate, often because mobile is hard to optimize for e-commerce transactions. The smaller the screen size, the less likely a customer is to complete the purchase.


How Does Magento Help?


Using Magento services allows you to improve your website and e-commerce tools for a relatively low cost and low maintenance requirement. Magento also integrates with a variety of powerful tools that improve the user experience at every step of the transaction. The powerful technical services that your website can use include:


  • Amazon Pay
  • Klarna payment options
  • Vertex tax calculations
  • Magento Shipping


Partnering with a top Magento website development agency also allows you to get the most out of these tools with flexible integration with these and other platforms, as well as enhancing the experience of your customers to minimize abandonment and maximize repeat customers.




Developing an e-commerce website requires a keen sense of detail and flexibility in your design. Ultimately, your customer’s experience is what matters. The ability to integrate with a variety of platforms allows you to simplify your website design, by basing your store on one baseline and using other tools in an easy-to-use package.


Making use of Amazon Pay, for example, offers powerful managed commerce support at checkout, and also allows you to make use of Amazon’s advanced protection tools against fraud. These tools and services can minimize your abandonment rate for mobile customers who would otherwise leave your website because of inconvenient payment options. This also minimizes your maintenance requirements by integrating into an established developer.


Services such as Vertex and Klarna also aid in your Magento website and its user experience. Klarna, for example, offers helpful services to customers – including pay later, European market access and other tools. These managed payment options allow you to offer a wider degree of flexibility to your customers, increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty.


Vertex automatically calculates taxes, setting expectations for your customers that their purchases will be transparent and easy to complete. This is one of many ways that Magento support offers enhanced UX design and support to your e-commerce website.


Magento shipping services deliver limitless flexibility to any e-commerce website or store. Magento shipping combines fulfillment services, managed shipping rates, and provides easy access and use to you and your customers. These services maximize your delivery options in a quick and easy-to-use fashion that provides maximum transparency for your customers when they choose to make a purchase.


Managed Website Design Services and Maintenance


Another key aspect of a great shopping experience is an optimized web page with services. Magento is a powerful platform, but it must be combined with an eye-pleasing design and web functionality. When you launch your e-commerce site, it’s important to partner with an experienced developer agency in order to create the best Magento storefront possible.


An unoptimized website runs slowly, requires significant maintenance and generally offers little in the way of managed technical support to you or your customers. Launching a successful web store from the beginning, however, can keep your customers on your page longer, and maximize the conversion rate for your sales.


How Do You Choose the Right Magento Developer?


A successful developer provides quality web design from stage one. Your website’s look and feel are critical in establishing a good impression with your customer base. What’s more is that an experienced web developer can offer a fast and functional site in addition to an eye-catching design.


It’s also important to have managed ongoing support as you run your company. Maintenance issues will always be a problem and having the right designer to help you can save time and resources that are better spent growing your brand. Ongoing support and maintenance will keep your web page running and your customers happy.


Enter Forix, an experienced web developer with a track record of increasing conversions and maximizing optimization. Our Magento managed support allows you to focus on growing your business without having to worry about technical problems taking your time.



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