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CRO Strategies for All Stages of Your Conversion Funnel

CRO Strategies for All Stages of Your Conversion Funnel
When building any marketing strategy, consider the conversion funnel – the way that your customers move from discovery to discovery to conversion. When working with CRO, you ultimately want to increase the number of people who successfully make it to the bottom of the funnel, the conversion stage.

However, you can’t neglect the other stages of the funnel when thinking about CRO. Even as an e-commerce business, generating micro-conversions in email signups or coupon use is essential to building success and drawing customers in to make purchases. In this article, you will learn how starting from the top and working your way down will help you make a smooth process for completing conversions and growing your business, and more specifically, how Forix’s Magento ongoing support team can help drive your CRO strategy.


Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel refers to the stage where potential customers discover your products or services. Your goal in this stage is to build brand recognition, so most materials are for educating customers. Blog posts, guides, and webinars are all common content at this stage.

While these materials are free, you can focus on micro-conversions, such as gathering emails for a newsletter. This helps you gather interested people who may become your customers. Integrating CRO to make joining your newsletter simple and appealing should focus on design elements and straightforward signup.


Middle of the Funnel

Once you hit the middle of the funnel, your goal is to align your services with your potential customer’s needs. Effective email strategies are one of your key CRO techniques at this stage, where you send regular content to show how your products are relevant to potential buyers. Marketing automation and segmentation to better target emails are critical, as is developing accessible and appealing email content.


Bottom of the Funnel

Once customers have worked their way through the first two stages, it’s time to start focusing on completing the sale. Conversions are what the bottom of the funnel is all about, and e-commerce businesses should be sure to use all the available strategies to enhance their conversion rates.

Emails are still important, but you also want to make sure your website is ready to provide a straightforward purchasing experience. Advanced navigation tools, detailed product pages, simple checkout processes, flexible payment options, and mobile optimization are all indispensable strategies to develop to help complete sales.

The bottom of the funnel is where conversions become reality, so you don’t want to skip out on putting your online store in the best position to appeal to customers and complete sales.


Ongoing Managed Magento Support Services to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Forix’s Magento managed support team specializes in developing e-commerce websites that drive sales and meet all CRO standards. No matter what part of your funnel you want to focus on, our top Magento developers can help you take advantage of available tools and extensions to keep customers flowing from the top of your funnel smoothly to the bottom.

Contact us today to learn more about how our top Magento developers can help your team.

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