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Data-Driven Redesigns for Your Magento Website

data-driven redesign for magento
When you begin looking into how you can enhance the performance and conversion rate of your Magento website, it’s essential to evaluate all the options available. While user experience testing can be effective, adopting a data-driven website design has become the go-to method for comprehensive website optimization. With the help of Magento ongoing support from top Magento agency Forix, this technique will allow you to take existing data into account to establish improvements for your Magento site.


Data-Driven Redesign and Conversion Rate Optimization


Adjusting your website without knowing whether the changes will be successful may hinder your CRO plan rather than help it. For this reason, depending on your gut instincts instead of data is not the optimal means of seeing a rise in your conversion rate.


Rather, bolstering your store’s conversion rate requires a strategic plan that is backed up by data and uniquely designed to accelerate conversions. When compared with the results actualized from implementing user experience changes, implementing data-driven adjustments is far more productive method that is seven times more likely to lead to positive results for your conversion rate. If you still have questions about the effectiveness of data-driven redesign decisions vs. UX testing decisions, reach out to one of the Magento ongoing support developers at top Magento agency Forix for more information.


Incorporating Data-Driven Redesign in Your CRO Plan


Your data-driven CRO plan from Magento managed services will concentrate on the most important aspects of data-driven evaluations, such as:


  • Examining your data completely prior to establishing a hypothesis to analyze. You should begin with A/B testing, but don’t overlook the effects of altering variables.
  • When you’ve examined the results of these tests, perform an additional test to verify and sharpen your results. Look carefully at what type of adjustments are apt to trigger variances. You’ll want to begin with adjustments that you anticipate will have the biggest impact.
  • Although altering small parts of your website may yield an impact, they might not be worth the effort in the meantime. After you’ve adjusted the major elements of your Magento website, you can move to concentrate on the smaller aspects.
  • Be sure to do tests that are lengthy enough to yield meaningful results. A short examination can appear to yield good results, but it may not be enough to deliver precise results. To make sure you understand what is worth including in your CRO plan and what isn’t, connect with best Magento developer Forix to discuss how Magento managed services can help you make the most out of your time and effort.


Data-Driven Redesign Support


The top Magento agency Forix knows exactly how to examine your data, conduct the optimal tests, and interpret the results to ensure the best possible outcome for your CRO efforts. Reach out to talk with an expert today about your Magento website. Let Forix Handle Your Adobe AEM Deployment

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