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Demandware to Magento 2 Migrations

Demandware to Magento 2 Migrations
While Demandware can serve as your eCommerce website solution, it doesn’t compare to Magento 2 in terms of flexible pricing and website design. Magento 2 allows you to adjust your store to meet the changing demands as your business and the world of eCommerce change over time. Thanks to its customization options, Magento 2 stands as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. As you consider your Magento 2 migration, trust in top Magento developer Forix to help you through the process.


Magento 2 vs. Demandware


Demandware works best for businesses that have large amounts of capital available, as it is expensive to implement and maintain. Magento 2 has much more flexible pricing options, allowing for businesses of every kind and size to find a plan that fits their unique needs. And since Magento 2 has open admin customization and intuitive modifying processes, you can much more easily make your site match your vision. This system is much more open than Demandware’s customization changes that require permissions, which can make it difficult to create the one of a kind experience that your store deserves to give.


Signs It’s Time to Migrate from Demandware to Magento 2


Flexibility issues are the number one sign that you should migrate your website from Demandware to Magento 2. Magento 2 has even more options than its predecessor when it comes to customizing your site. Not only does basic Magento 2 have numerous options, different plans and extensions can vastly improve your ability to make your store match your vision. When combined with Magento 2’s powerful reporting and analytic tools, you can make the right design and feature changes to help your business succeed.


You’ll also know that it’s time to migrate when you find your security features are lacking. Magento 2 has improved security features such as safer employee and customer storage systems and more secure payment processes. Security is an integral feature of eCommerce, where stores regularly handle sensitive customer information. With Magento 2’s security features on your side, you can further build trust between you and your customers.


The Time and Cost of Migrating


Your existing Demandware site’s complexity, data needs, and integrations will all impact the time it takes to complete the migration process. Most businesses can complete a Magento website migration within three to six months, though more complex sites may take longer.


The cost of your project will involve several similar factors. Your web team’s experience with migration and skills in areas like website design to impact the costs. To help you prepare for migration, Magento agency Forix can look over your website goals and existing store to give you an estimated cost of migration services. Once we’ve completed your evaluation, we can help you organize all the relevant details for migrating your Demandware website to Magento 2.


But after we finish your migration, Forix doesn’t stop there. We provide you with ongoing support services so your Magento site is always running to the best of its capabilities. From data-driven redesign to 24/7 technical support, count on our Magento experts to help you achieve your eCommerce goals.


Still want to hear more about what it takes to migrate from Demandware to the Magento platform? Don’t hesitate to contact an expert at Forix to answer any of your questions. Implement Adobe Commerce Cloud with Forix’s support every step of the way.

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