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Demandware vs. IBM WebSphere Commerce Comparison

Curious about the difference between Demandware vs. IBM WebSphere Commerce? You aren’t alone. The striking similarities between these two top eCommerce platforms make them a common comparison among online store owners. Whether this is your first venture into the eCommerce industry or you’re looking to migrate platforms after outgrowing your current solution, comparing and contrasting these two popular platforms can help you make sure you choose correctly.


Demandware (Now Salesforce)


Demandware is a leading provider of eCommerce solutions worldwide. Its main attractions are the robustness of the platform and its enormous store of rich features. Larger companies with complex management needs tend to benefit the most from Demandware, due to its broad capabilities and extensive feature pool. Demandware can be a great option if you need a platform that can address virtually all your needs, and you have the resources to properly manage your site.


IBM WebSphere Commerce


IBM WebSphere Commerce makes creating omnichannel digital experiences easy for business owners. It makes use of artificial intelligence and other modern tools to make website design and management simple. Key features include customization, modern site architecture, web content management, a Starter Store, marketing, mobile-first designs, third-party integrations, and customer service. Like Demandware, potential users have to contact IBM WebSphere Commerce for a personalized price quote.


How to Pick: Demandware vs. IBM WebSphere Commerce


These two major platforms have a lot in common. Both Demandware and IBM WebSphere Commerce cost money to join. Both can successfully address the needs of companies of all sizes – freelancer to enterprise. Thus, you may not be able to base your Demandware vs. IBM WebSphere Commerce decision on price or the size of your company. You will have to dive deeper to understand the differences between these two platforms, and which is the better choice for you.


Demandware, as the name implies, offers on-demand digital commerce solutions. IBM WebSphere Commerce’s services, on the other hand, are constant. Demandware is the leading platform across the entire web, but IBM has it beat in Top 10K Sites. Demandware is leading in most countries, including the U.S. However, IBM beats Demandware in 44 countries, including Argentina and Indonesia.


Choosing between Demandware vs. IBM WebSphere Commerce can be difficult due to the similarities of the two platforms. Demandware might be right for you if want a powerful, feature-rich platform and aren’t afraid of the price or a learning curve. IBM WebSphere Commerce could be more suitable if your priorities are simplicity and scalability. You can use an out-of-the-box order cycle with IBM, while you must build your store from the ground up with Demandware. Learn more about which platform best suits your eCommerce needs by chatting with a Forix expert.



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