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Demandware vs. OS Commerce Comparison

Demandware compared to OS Commerce
The similarities between Demandware and OS Commerce make choosing one difficult. As a business owner, choosing your eCommerce platform is a very important decision to make for the future of your company. Getting the facts on both platforms can be a great step toward removing the challenge of choosing correctly. Research and compare all your options, and make your final selection based on your specific business’s needs. Start here, with this comparison guide.




Demandware was one of the first cloud-based eCommerce systems created. Almost 15 years later, Demandware is still a top choice in its market, and one of the most popular platforms across the world. Demandware helps business owners connect with customers through all devices, personalize the customers’ shopping experience, unify business processes across channels, and much more.


OS Commerce


OS Commerce is known for being one of the most simple and straightforward platforms available. At the same time, OS Commerce isn’t incredibly scalable and is apt to enduring performance problems when a store’s product catalog gets too extensive.


Which Should You Choose?


Comparing Demandware vs. OS Commerce requires looking mainly at prices and capabilities.


When it comes to pricing, Demandware uses custom prices based on business needs. It can be more expensive than other eCommerce options, but users get what they pay for: almost limitless features, tools, and applications. If you want an incredibly flexible eCommerce platform with customizable options, real-time inventory access, and advantages like the power of artificial intelligence, a robust platform like Demandware could be perfect for you. If these features sound outside your wheelhouse, consider a simpler system, such as OS Commerce.


Overall, the decision between Demandware vs. OS Commerce might boil down to the size of your business. When juxtaposed with Demandware’s assortment of in-depth business management options and advanced scalability, OS Commerce simply offers the basics in terms of eCommerce capabilities.


The OS Commerce software is free to download and use, giving it a price advantage over Demandware. Its capabilities, however, aren’t of the same caliber as Demandware. While Demandware has a wide range of features supporting every aspect of business, OS Commerce’s offerings are more modest. Still, OS Commerce is a great scalable and flexible option for business owners.


Choosing Between Demandware and OS Commerce


Even though OS Commerce has experienced significant growth in the last few years, it’s still behind Demandware in market share segments.


Both platforms have developers available to help users, and both enable superior brand scalability. If you’re a beginner or a small business and your priority is to develop an eCommerce website for little to no cost, go with OS Commerce. If you want a multifaceted system that will carry you through rapid growth and can accommodate a continuously evolving product database, choose Demandware.


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