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Demandware vs. Volusion Comparison

Demandware compared to Volusion
Curious about the difference between Demandware and Volusion? You aren’t alone. The striking similarities between these two top eCommerce platforms make them a common comparison among online store owners. Whether this is your first venture into the eCommerce industry or you’re looking to migrate platforms after outgrowing your current solution, comparing and contrasting these two popular platforms can help you make sure you choose correctly.




Demandware is a leading provider of eCommerce solutions worldwide. Its main attractions are the robustness of the platform and its enormous store of rich features. Larger companies with complex management needs tend to benefit the most from Demandware, due to its broad capabilities and extensive feature pool. Demandware can be a great option if you need a platform that can address virtually all your needs, and you have the resources to properly manage your site.




Volusion is relatively easy to use and features embedded training services, supportive onboarding, and customer assistance, which is conveniently available 24/7. While you’ll have to buy an SSL certificate if you choose this solution, this investment will ensure that your website is equipped with basic security features. Volusion also comes with built-in marketing features and an intuitive dashboard, but there are additional bandwidth fees required for when your store exceeds the established capacity. Another major limitation of Volusion is its lack of analytics and content management capabilities.


How to Pick: Demandware vs. Volusion


One key different between Volusion and Demandware is the ease of use. While Volusion is intuitive and easy for inexperienced users to get the hang of comparatively quickly, Demandware has a learning curve, so you’ll need to put in a little extra effort to get acclimated to the system. However, while many reviewers praise Volusion’s intuitive dashboard, they also note implementation is difficult. For this reason, you should anticipate taking advantage of the platform’s assortment of built-in educational resources or investing in development support if you end up choosing Volusion.


Both Volusion and Demandware cost money to use, and your monthly rate will depend heavily on your specific needs. Though Volusion is an easier platform to manage, it lacks the robust capabilities that the on-demand digital commerce solution provider Demandware can afford. With no responsive design capabilities, in conjunction with comparatively limited design options, third party applications, and extension opportunities, Volusion lacks several key features that may be necessary for certain companies.


However, if you are looking for a fully hosted platform and don’t have a need for extensive capabilities, Volusion may be the solution for you. That being said, if you are looking for a more powerful, feature-rich platform and aren’t weary of the learning curve, then Demandware is better suited to meet your needs.


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