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Discover Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Trends

Discover Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Trends
As technology continues to develop and change at a never-ceasing pace, the importance of staying on top of all the latest sales trends in the e-commerce marketplace has never been more important for businesses in all industries.


Knowing what’s trending now in the e-commerce world with the support of Forix’s Magento Managed Services team, provides your business with the opportunity to receive valuable insight on what is yet to come.


Magento CRO Trends


Analyzing conversion rate optimization (CRO) with Forix includes updating a website to improve the number of visitors who make a purchase and become customers, and it has become an essential aspect of enhancing e-commerce website performance and obtaining an edge over the competition.


Yet, with all the advances in technology and ongoing variances in customer demands and expectations, conversion rate optimization trends are constantly changing, which can make it difficult for many businesses to keep track of what they need to do to maximize the potential of their e-commerce ventures. With this in mind, Forix has created a list of the trends that are most forcefully driving Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts in 2018. Take a look at the trends below to learn more about this year’s conversion rate optimization (CRO) trends and emerging challenges.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialists Roles Are Increasing


Traditionally, conversion rate optimization techniques included examining, polishing, and tailoring the conventional technical elements of an e-commerce website, including product descriptions, titles, content, and buttons. However, with a growing inclination toward website personalization and customized shopping experiences, top conversion rate developers are also focusing heavily on supporting the overall browsing and purchasing experience of consumers.


As a result of the increasing emphasis on personalization strategies, many organizations don’t consider transactions the sole means of a conversion because automatic sales results are not always an indication of ongoing value. For this reason, conversion rate optimization support and maintenance services are now being employed to support all areas of consumer engagement on a website, in addition to polishing the elements of e-commerce websites that are conventionally regarded as directly related to conversion.


Data Needs Are Rising


As a top Magento developer agency that provides extensive Magento Ongoing Support, we here at Forix are always looking for problem areas that would benefit from the application of an innovative maintenance solution from Magento Managed Services and Ongoing Maintenance Support that is designed to improve conversion. But coming up with the optimal conversion boosting solution requires having access to customer data, which includes first and third-party databases, in addition to consumer and industry reference points that can help us evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t.


At the same time, top Magento developer professionals are tasked with the duty of improving overall business outcomes for a website, which is something that remains a challenge for companies that don’t have the technical data required to provide a perspective of the consumer. Grasping a single-consumer perspective continues to be difficult because of a few different technical obstacles that have yet to be conquered, such as:


  • Sales channels: Many businesses don’t have the maintenance and support of a method that synchronizes online and offline data effectively.


  • Technology: Businesses and technical developer top agency experts have yet to identify the right vendor to resolve all use cases.


  • Business divisions: While customer service, marketing staff, and e-commerce units all have access to customer data; it isn’t always available to those trying to support with conversion rate optimization efforts.


The good news is that there may be a potential solution to this lingering problem. Artificial intelligence systems may one day be able to support top Magento agency developer specialists in their endeavor to understand the technical, complex, multi-channel data they require to better support customer optimization initiatives.


Attribution Modeling Techniques Remain a Significant Issue 


Attributing a conversion to sales channels is a vital part of conversion rate optimization, but many businesses continue to struggle to do so effectively.


When it comes to individuals and businesses concentrating on supporting online conversion, last click attribution is the most used technical model, but many experts agree that it’s not a perfect system. For example, the last click attribution does not include any of the former customer engagement or touch points, which can provide important information about how consumers are driven to convert. Even though top technical developer specialists are cognizant of the model’s faults, there is still no general consensus about how to tackle the issue.


Magento B2B merchants indicated that they deal with increased difficulties obtaining technical data because they tend to have smaller amounts to operate with when compared with Magento B2C merchants. Many reported suffering from inefficient technical data and services issues involving customer interactions, meetings, and data recording mishaps.


Testing Is Becoming Increasingly Popular 


Conversion rate optimization efforts using maintenance A/B testing and technical analysis are currently being employed at higher rates in businesses with Magento Managed Services than ever before. While it’s now well understood that all conversions using technical A/B testing, one lingering problem is that A/B tests are not always conclusive because the functionality of each variation tends to be similar to that of the original variation.


Many companies also realize that they don’t have a universal testing technique or methodology that is used in all areas of the business. Consequently this has decreased the resources, time, and budget expenses provided to support technical maintenance and A/B testing; which has limited their capacity to support all domains of the e-commerce website.


Above all, top Magento agency website developer professionals agree that there have been positive alternations in CRO technical techniques and strategies, and many believe that the best technical innovations for conversion rate optimization have yet to come. At the same time, the consensus is now that the “test and learn” method of approaching conversion rate optimization CRO is now the core aspect of e-commerce maintenance.


Reach out to the CRO experts at Forix to learn more about conversion rate optimization.


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