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Easy Checklist for Website Launches

Website launches are a trying time. You want your launch to be as successful as possible, but the first weeks and months after launch should also be a time to review your efforts and optimize the site for maximum return on investment (ROI). With this checklist for a simple and successful website launch, you can debut your optimized e-commerce store in no time. For additional help, contact the website experts at Forix.


List Roles for Your Team Members


If you’re tackling the launch in-house, make sure everyone knows what he or she is doing for the launch. Assign different tasks to different people, so they don’t waste time figuring out their unique roles in the website launch. Create a project management checklist, covering all content, calls-to-action, design elements, and everything else you’ll need for a successful website. Then, make it clear who is doing what.


Check for Store Necessities


First, double-check that your store has everything in place prior to launch. Add any available sales channels you haven’t added already, modify your custom domain, check your shopping cart and payment processes, etc. Don’t assume everything’s in place, only to discover major problems post-launch. Make sure all systems are ready before executing launch.


Prepare for Problems


A number of things can go wrong during and after a launch. Preparation is key to overcoming any challenges or obstacles you may face along the way. Prepare for the worst, enacting backup plans prior to launch in case something unexpected happens. List a few things that could go wrong – such as 404 errors or a last-minute change in keyword trends – and account for the possibilities.


Estimate Your Launch Time


Set a launch date once you have an idea of what tasks your team needs to complete prior to execution. The average launch takes at least a month, but can go much longer depending on the individual site. If you’re working with an agency, expect two to three months of research and development prior to website debut.


Don’t Forget SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) will help users find and view your website when they perform relevant searches. Make sure you’ve tailored your website for SEO best practices prior to launch. This will include image optimization, keyword usage, high-quality content, eye-catching site design, fast page speeds, and more. Review SEO needs and places for improvement before, during, and after launch for maximum site visibility.


Work With a Professional


Setting up a staging site, finding the right host, designing a fully optimized website, and answering your customers’ needs can be difficult alone. Hiring a professional website developer to take the burden off your team. Professional help can give you peace of mind and a highly successful website launch.


Notice something you’re missing from this checklist? Connect with a website launch pro at Forix to learn more about it.

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