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Easy Methods to Speed Up Magento 2 Ecommerce Websites

Speed up Magento 2 with Forix

Over the last several years, the Magento ecommerce platform has seen explosive user base growth across multiple ecommerce markets. It has quickly become one of the most popular open source ecommerce systems available. The development team behind Magento recently released the Magento 2 platform. While it offers an incredible range of features and improvements over Magento 1, many users are frustrated by a simple yet important flaw with the new system: the speed. 

So why is Magento so slow? If you have been experiencing Magento speed issues since migrating to Magento 2, you are not alone. It can be frustrating to spend the time and money necessary to upgrade to a whole new ecommerce platform, only to discover that the new configuration is slower and seemingly clunkier than the original. Forix can assist you if you need to speed up Magento 2.

Speed up Magento 2 with Forix

How Can I Speed Up Magento 2?

Forix is a leading provider of Magento managed services and has helped countless companies not only take full advantage of everything the Magento 2 system has to offer, but also enhance their Magento 2 experiences after upgrading to the new system. We have identified several common problems that contribute to Magento speed issues after the transition to Magento 2 and have developed functional and reliable solutions to overcome them. Some of the most common causes of slow Magento 2 speeds that our team has identified include:

  • Third party plugin compatibility. It’s not uncommon for an ecommerce website to rely on several different plugins and extensions to function appropriately. Some of these extensions could be the cause of your Magento speed issues after upgrading to Magento 2. The right Magento managed service provider can help you test each one to find the culprit.
  • Hosting issues. Even if your site has been expertly constructed, poor hosting arrangements can leave your ecommerce site feeling sluggish with Magento 2. It’s vital to determine if your hosting options are behind the slow speeds you have been experiencing and to develop a better hosting solution for your site.
  • Caching options. One of the most common causes of slow speeds on Magento 2 is disabled caching. Enabling this feature may lead to increased speeds.
  • Improperly configured performance optimization features. Magento 2 is one of the most advanced and expertly coded ecommerce platforms on the market today. One of the most likely causes of slow speeds on the new platform is mismatched or poorly configured optimization options. 

Better Performance from Magento 2

Magento 2 is a fantastic system, but it is not without its quirks. Forix provides expert-level Magento 2 performance optimization services that can help you identify the causes of slow speeds. It’s understandable to feel frustrated after upgrading to an entirely new eCommerce platform, believing it to be a massive performance boost to your website, only to discover kinks in the system that cause it to work slower than its predecessor. 

How to Speed up Magento 2 today

Find the Right Magento 2 Agency for Magento Speed Optimization

If you need to know how to speed up Magento 2, Forix can help. We can thoroughly audit your Magento 2 configuration and help you speed up Magento 2 using a variety of techniques. We are some of the most experienced Magento service providers in operation. Contact us today for more details about Magento 2 performance optimization. 

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