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EnterWorks PIM Integration With Magento

Accurate product information is more important than ever. The business that offers the most engaging, accurate and up-to-date content will most likely close the sale, while businesses with outdated or incorrect descriptions quickly fall behind. EnterWorks PIM gathers content from vendor portals, spreadsheets, legacy applications and supply chains for more accurate customer experiences. Magento displays organizations’ products and services online. Integrating EnterWorks and Magento allows the two to work together.


Magento Enterworks Integration


Why Integration?

Companies compete to offer the most enticing products, best prices and highest number of features, so product information is constantly changing. It flows into retailers from manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in a number of formats. EnterWorks ingests all that information, verifies its accuracy and enriches it before it is ready to be offered to trading partners, retailers and consumers. It enables rich customer experiences and easy to manage content, but data doesn’t automatically transfer to e-commerce sites.


Integration provides extreme transparency for all data whether it transfers automatically or is entered manually. Changes to your online store through Magento automatically transfer to EnterWorks. PIM updates flow immediately to product descriptions within your online store.


EnterWorks PIM supports multiple channels, enables the creation of dynamic catalogs and can hold data on millions of products. Integration makes its large volume of data accessible to your e-commerce site without the need for manual transfer.


When businesses need to amass and combine product information, they can access tools from both Magento and EnterWorks for improved analysis. Translate product descriptions into multiple languages through EnterWorks and distribute them around the globe using Magento’s global e-commerce solutions for international sales. Structure product information and make it available to search engines automatically to save time and improve profits.


EnterWorks PIM Integration Experts

Forix has deep technology expertise supported by a network of dependable partners. With over 60 Magento certified developers, we’ll make sure your EnterWorks integration is executed correctly. Let our skilled and certified Magento Managed Support team help plan your next integration today.



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