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Epicor Integration with Magento for the Automotive Industry


Epicor Overview


Epicor is a cloud-based ERP solution that effectively eliminates the need for manual data recording, consolidates business processes, and congregates all vital from separate origins into one compressed and convenient system. Being an extremely dynamic business management tool, Epicor can provide companies with all the resources they need to streamline operations, maintain prosperous consumer satisfaction levels, and promote business development.


The methodology of this integration ties all hardware and software together in a singular computerized platform, so companies and their staff can dedicate more time to developing business strategies, cultivating sales relationships and incorporating new ideas for their businesses. Using an ERP integration system equips businesses with the resources to create deeply effective technology programs that can easily adjust to suit the regularly shifting interests of a business as it experiences transformations throughout the process of expansion and improvement.


Epicor Integration for the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is constantly surpassing expectations, but there is a wide variety of important challenges automotive businesses face on a day to day basis. From new technology, hybrid models, to significant demographic changes, Epicor has the tools necessary to optimize an automotive company’s operations by increasing functional flexibility. With the ability to remain on the cutting-edge of the industry, using Epicor fuels innovation and can keep your business up to date with the latest industry trends.


What Benefits Does an Epicor Integration Offer for Automotive Companies?


Epicor offers a plethora of benefits designed specifically for the automotive industry, including:


  • Capacity to establish a high-quality preparation and supplies logistics system
  • The chance to advance business lead time and decrease waste with the incorporation of lean generation procedures
  • Ability to oversee the whole production process and life archives.
  • Achieve expense reductions with built-in robust endowment control and management, which provides a base of standards to ensure all products within your enterprise adhere to quality standards.
  • Harmonize all production operations across all business locations with purchasing administration and multi-location administration.


Is Epicor Right for Your Automotive Site?


The Epicor ERP solution is one of the most effective Enterprise Resource Planning tools for e-commerce sites. Your automotive business can incorporate its collection of tools to produce high-grade experiences for consumers and continuously monitor and control the inventory of your e-commerce shop. When you contemplate integrating Epicor ERP into your existing system, acknowledge the following questions to conclude if it’s the best choice for your business:


Do you need third-party support for your applications and software? If your current system does not offer support for third-party applications and software devices, it might be time to upgrade to an ERP solution that does. Epicor provides exceptional third-party support for several software applications and services, but it is wise to check to make sure your applications are included.


Will the integration impact your current IT support? Most business owners discover that upgrading to an IT solution reduces the strain placed on the IT department, but it is important to be sure all your IT staff is included in the onboarding procedures.


Integrate Epicor with Magento for Your Automotive Site Today.


An Epicor integration fueled by Forix features Magento support. If you want for a truly efficient ERP to help your company get ahead of the competition, consider employing Epicor for your automotive business.



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