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Expand Your Online Business’s Sales Points With BigCommerce

When you set up your eCommerce website, you’re creating a waypoint for customers to view your products and create sales. With a strong website and a sound marketing strategy, you will continue to grow your business even further. However, there are more places to sell your products than just your website.

Amazon, eBay, and even social media sites like Facebook and Instagram offer additional locations for you to sell your products, though manually running these additional sales points can take time and create additional work hassle that ultimately takes away from your business’s time and resources.

BigCommerce offers tools to help you extend your reach into these platforms, putting your products in front of more customers and creating more sales. To make the most of these services, Forix can help you integrate your business with BigCommerce’s sales tools.


Creating Additional Listings

Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping are no doubt some of the biggest shopping platforms, so why wouldn’t you want to tap into their extensive pool of users? With BigCommerce integrations, you can connect your store and product listings to these platforms, automatically expanding your customer reach.

Forix can handle building your listings, setting up your products across platforms, and creating appealing descriptions while matching your existing brand standards. When you need to update products, check your inventory, and remove items, we can quickly make the necessary changes, making sure that your listings are always accurate.


Increasing Payment Options

A complicated checkout process can be enough to discourage a customer from making a purchase, and part of that hassle can come when it comes to selecting payment. BigCommerce can integrate both Square POS and Amazon Pay into your website, giving customers more easily accessible payment options to speed them through the checkout process securely.


Making the Most Out of Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business, and BigCommerce integrations allow you to take things even further. Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns can help spread awareness of your brand, and BigCommerce creates an easy way to showcase your products across the web. With a Facebook shop based on your existing BigCommerce listing, you can make it possible for customers to make purchases while scrolling through their feeds.

In addition to keeping your Facebook store in the best shape, Forix can help you build strategic ad campaigns to support your online store and bring in new customers from Facebook and Instagram’s extensive user bases.


Setting Up BigCommerce Integrations With Forix Support

BigCommerce’s simplified tools make it easy to expand your online business’s reach even further throughout the internet – and Forix can make getting the most out of these tools even easier. Our services bring you help from top eCommerce developers, ensuring your new listings, payment options, and ads don’t just exist but have everything needed to stand out from the crowd.

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