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Firearm Dealer Locators in Magento

The United States has more than 139,000 Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) who operate across 11 categories of firearm and destructive device manufacturing and handling. To facilitate sales among these licensees, the Magento commerce platform offers firearm dealer locator integrations.


Instead of shipping directly to a customer, FFLs must ship firearms and related products to other FFLs. Incorporating an integrated dealer locator into an e-commerce site creates a seamless user experience that benefits both FFLs and end customers.

Benefits of a Firearm Dealer Locator Application


If you’re thinking that expanding into new markets seems too complicated, consider the benefits of enabling interstate commerce via a dealer locator:

1. Dealer locators allow FFLs to expand into new markets. With the ability to sell to virtually anywhere in the US, FFLs can use dealer locator functionality to appeal to a much larger geographic region. Build a loyal customer base outside of your county or state, expand your product lines, and achieve a sustainable growth rate with the increased sales flexibility offered through a firearm dealer locator.

2. They give customers increased purchasing flexibility. Some brands offer limited sales online while others prefer to work exclusively through third-party dealers. With dealer locator functionality, customers can find an authorized and brand-trusted dealer nearby. Build credibility and brand equity as your network of dealers grows.

3. They ensure compliance with the Gun Control Act of 1968 and state regulations. Only authorized FFLs can manufacture and sell firearms. Dealer locator networks give brands the ability to easily meet regulatory requirements for shipping and sales. For example, Browning partners with Bass Pro Shops, Academy Sports & Outdoors, and many other nationally recognized and local brands. The brand works directly with FFLs to meet federal regulatory requirements, and the retail FFLs ensure gun sales meet local and state requirements.

4. They create new revenue streams for participating FFLs. Participating dealers benefit from dealer locator networks as much as original brands. In addition to their B2B brand sales relationships, customer-facing FFLs generally charge a fee for conducting the due diligence required for legal gun sales including background checks, identification, and more.


With a dealer locator tool through the Magento platform, your customers can identify and interact with your brand via a multitude of different channels. Expand your business online and in stores with dealer locator capabilities.

Creating FFL Partner Networks


To build a successful dealer partner network, get to know your target market. Market segmentation will allow you to strategically place products in high demand geographical areas and with trusted retail brands. Consider partnering with a mixture of small and large retailers, and build trust with each new partner along the way.


Support your dealers’ independent marketing activities, promote your dealers in your own marketing activities, and build a user-friendly dealer locator to encourage customers to engage with your network. Give your dealers the resources they need to learn about and understand your unique value proposition. How you interact with your dealers often determines how they present your products to consumers.


For more information about building and managing a dealer locator in the Magento enterprise commerce platform, talk to the team at Forix. We specialize in firearms e-Commerce development.


Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is for commercial and educational purposes and is not legal advice or opinion and should not be relied upon as such. Forix does not make any claims to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information contained on this site as all laws including firearms laws may change without notice at any given time. Please read our full disclaimer here.

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