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Five Signs You Should Upgrade to Magento Commerce From Magento Open Source


Upgrade to Magento Commerce From Magento Open Source
Abundant growth of your company is exhilarating but balancing that increase generally includes making some key technical alterations to ensure the lasting success of your business. A significant decision expanding businesses face is whether to develop their existing managed e-commerce platform or upgrade to one that is designed to be dynamic enough to scale at the side of a company during periods of prosperity and augmentation.


Small businesses with e-commerce websites tend to gravitate toward Magento Open Source as square-one of their e-commerce venture, and prosperity with the platform may mean it’s time to migrate to Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition.


Though we suggest reaching out to the Magento developer agency team here at Forix before you decide, here are our top five signs indicating that your company should consider upgrading to Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition and Magento Managed Support:


Your Website Can’t Handle Increased Traffic


As your company – and website – become more and more prosperous, the influx of users visiting your website simultaneously increases. But when a company’s website can’t support higher levels of traffic, it is at an increased risk of providing poor service, including slow loading speeds and crashes. Keep in mind that poor user experience can damage both your sales and reputation. In order to keep your website up and running regardless of the number of users active on your website, you will need to upgrade to an improved platform that can manage higher levels of traffic.


Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition contains high-level caching and technical database systems, which can help your company website perform effectively as business increases. The platform also provides you with advanced technical services, including cloud hosting, to optimize performance throughout peak traffic periods.


Your Conversion Rates Are Suffering


One of the most meaningful methods for evaluating the performance of your company’s website is the conversion rate. A high conversion rate is a good indication that you are covering all your ground. However, a dwindling or exceedingly low conversion rate can indicate that your website can benefit from Magento’s conversion boosting capabilities, which are included in Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition for your convenience.


Magento Commerce offers high-level performance capabilities to help you sustain more users when they arrive at your website. With the help of our developers and Magento Managed Services, you can optimize your utilization of features that are designed to compel user purchases and improve the order value of each sale. A few of Magento’s conversion-boosting capabilities include:


  • The capacity to establish customer segmentation marketing promotions and personalized storefronts


  • Numerous packaging choices


  • Embedded gift card features


  • Customized up-sell and cross-sell abilities


  • Over 100 distinct promotion types to select from


You Want to Extend Your Market Reach


Arriving at a period of business expansion is the prime time to begin introducing new merchandise or services or start extending your reach to attract new customers. But before you begin your extension initiatives, it’s imperative to ensure that your company’s e-commerce platform is durable enough to support and sustain your expansion plans.


Regardless of whether you hope to expand from a B2B to a B2C or begin offering your products and services in a new geographical location, Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition is equipped with all the features required to provide a strong foundation of support services for your initiatives. With multi-site features that enable you to create unique pages and stores for different sets of consumers, Forix’s Magento Managed Support team can help you emphasize and market the right merchandise to the right users the moment you launch new products on your website.


Your Product Content Isn’t Boosting Sales


While upgrading to Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition is a great move for expanding businesses, companies who are struggling to drive sales can also receive numerous benefits from the robust capabilities of the platform. Magento Commerce includes a great range of website content and presentation enhancement features that the Magento developer experts and ongoing support service professionals at Forix can use to help struggling businesses improve their reach, access more consumers, and enhance sales.


With dynamic tools such as preview, staging, content scheduling, and modular design features, you can redesign your website’s appearance to attract customers and drive sales. Using Magento’s systematic segmentation tools, Forix experts can determine what products customers are searching for and pinpoint exactly where they are looking. With access to this data, we can establish landing pages customized to customer segments, employing tailored images, content, and marketing strategies, to optimize your promotions and increase sales.


Fulfillment Is Difficult


Higher numbers of customers and purchases can drive a host of fulfillment problems, and your company must be ready to handle them all. It’s essential to forecast market demand and the volume of store sales before your fulfillment systems are maxed out altogether.


Though some fulfillment difficulties occur in the warehouse or with carriers on the road, you must prep your systems to manage more customers and administer orders to both interior and exterior fulfillment chains. Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition includes a few key capabilities that can assist you in managing more orders, such as:


  • Enhanced databases: Use Magento’s multiple managed database systems to establish a quicker and more efficient front- and back-end environment.


  • Streamlined Business Processes: employ Magento’s advanced admin interface to handle orders, manage customers, and streamline productivity.


  • Consumer-initiated refunds and returns: Give your customers the option to initiate their own returns to simplify the exchange process.


Reach out to Forix’s certified Magento team to learn more about your options.


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