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Focus Your CTAs for Conversion Rate Optimization

Focus Your CTAs for CRO
When you run an e-commerce business, you want to complete as many conversions as possible. While many elements play a role in conversion rate optimization, those efforts can go to waste without an effective and focused call to action.

The CTA is the thing that encourages customers to move forward with any type of action, both on and offline. After you’ve done the work to sell your product, your Magento website CTAs are what will ultimately bring you conversions. When you operate an online store, a clear and recognizable CTA is the key to CRO success. Forix’s top Magento developers can help you build optimal CTAs for your e-commerce business.


Focus on the Benefits

Customers want to purchase products that meet their needs and benefit them in some way. You’ve likely integrated this idea into your product descriptions and promotional material. However, your CTA can follow the same pattern to achieve better results.

To help make your customers feel like they’re gaining something is the key and helps encourage that click that will complete their purchase. Words like “receive” and “get” yield positive results, while highlighting the cost in a CTA can discourage conversions. Make sure that your CTA keeps the focus on the customer.



Besides the content of your CTA, you need to think of where your CTA falls on the web page. One strong rule of thumb is that you always want your CTA to appear above the cut. Any CTAs that require scrolling to see likely won’t be visible to site visitors, and you’ve wasted your efforts. This same rule applies to integrating CTAs into your email campaigns as well.

Other than that, you also want your CTA to fit organically with the rest of your web page design. Consider the normal flow of how someone will read your web page, then place your CTA in the logical spot. For example, on a product page, you’ll want the CTA to appear after the product details. Matching up with where online shoppers are used to seeing CTAs and “add to cart” options will also make it easy to find.



Once you’ve pulled together your wording and placement, consider the design of your CTA. You want it to be easily seen and easy to click, but without overwhelming the rest of your web page. As a rule, buttons are much more effective than embedded hyperlinks.

Colors are another important element of your CTAs, as they add to the visible impact. Another store may have colors that work well for them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for you. Contrasting your CTA color from the rest of the page will make it more noticeable. Test until you find the appropriate colors that work with your Magento website design and audience.

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