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Four Ways to Optimize Your Magento Store

Optimize Your Magento Store
Launching a brand new Magento e-commerce website with a new platform is just the beginning of success for most businesses aspiring to thrive in the e-commerce market. In order to see an increase in sales, leveraging all the advanced features of the Magento Commerce should be at the top of your list of priorities. Take a look at our top four tips for optimizing your Magento website.


Drive Traffic With Top-Quality Content 


Continuously updating your website with original content is a highly effective and simple method of increasing your Magento site’s traffic and enhancing your search engine rankings.


If your website is already furnished with content, you can optimize it with the help of these technical tips from the Magento Managed Services team at Forix :


  • Eliminate Old, Unnecessary Content: Poor-quality content can hurt your search engine rankings, so you’ll definitely want to identify irrelevant, outdated content that is no longer needed on your site. Either delete it or transfer it to a different website where it won’t have an impact on your rankings.


  • Revamp Related Content: If you come across content that is still relevant to you and your company but is outdated, you can update it so the search engines don’t view it as old and irrelevant. If you have a blog with a variety of postings, think about integrating them into several long posts.


  • Check Links: Google does not like broken links and often penalizes sites with them. For this reason, you should be sure to go through and double check that all your website’s links are fully functional. While you’re at it, ensure that any external links are directed to credible, quality sites as well.


  • Incorporate Share Buttons: Provide browsers with the chance to share your site’s content on social media with share buttons. Be sure to optimize all the shareable content with keyword titles, hashtags, and handles to enhance your presence on social media networks.


Here at Forix, our team of high-level Magento developer agency experts has extensive experience creating top-rated website designs with strategically tailored content. With Magento Ongoing Support from Forix, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the development of a completely customized website that is made to support a wide variety of business needs.


Use Merchandising Tools 


Magento Commerce contains an easy to use product relations tool that allows you to cross-sell and upsell to optimize your average order value.


Cross-selling is particularly essential when merchandise is required to be used with related items that are sold separately, and you can leverage the support of an entire realm of marketing features with Magento Managed Services and Ongoing Maintenance Support. With Magento’s visual merchandising features, you can sort categories and showcase highlighted products at the top of your pages. You can also use these tools to develop categories according to automated business rules that are formulated using merchandise attributes. This not only saves you time, but it empowers you to establish an index that is genuinely sharpened and tailored to your specialized needs.


If you are looking to concentrate on advanced or more specific areas of need, including SEO applications, search merchandising, product recommendations, or complement pairing suggestions, the top Magento developer agency experts here at Forix Commerce can supply you with the ongoing support and technical maintenance services required to take advantage of Magento’s advanced Elasticsearch capabilities. With the technical guidance you can boost your website’s average order.


Use Customer Reviews 


Customer reviews are perfect because they are original and effortless for you to adopt and showcase on your website. All that’s required is to ask consumers for their feedback on your products or services or give them the opportunity to post comments on your product pages.


The Magento Commerce platform has merchandise reviews embedded, and Forix can help you select from Magento’s robust library of high-quality extensions. Our team can execute the optimal integration features that will enable you to reap the entire scope of benefits available from user-produced content on your Magento website.


Increase Customer Loyalty


In order to increase customer loyalty and advance consumer lifetime value, you will have to expand upon your existing brand loyalty. There are numerous creative methods you can use to do this with the assistance of Magento Managed Support.


For one, you can give your existing customers a defined amount of store credit or cash back for every order they make on your Magento website. You could also begin a reward point coupon system that awards customers every time they spend a certain amount at your store. In addition, you can drastically improve customer loyalty with the technical implementation of a referral code initiative, which comes with an added benefit of assisting in promoting your company’s brand awareness and online visibility.


The essence of acquiring and retaining your existing consumers is to supply rewards programs that will compel them to come back. The Magento Commerce platform includes a reward system that is simple to employ and is an excellent place to start growing your customer lifetime value.


However, if you are searching for more advanced rewards features to enhance your Magento website, Forix can provide Managed Support Services to help you meet your goals. Our team can guide you through the process of choosing a rewards and loyalty extension from the Magento Marketplace. Once you find the right one, reach out to our team so we can seamlessly implement the Magento extension in a prompt and efficient manner.



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