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A basic guide to Magento NetSuite Integration

Cloud-based business management platforms are rapidly gaining a lot of popularity these days. NetSuite is commonly preferred by Magento e-commerce website owners for integration.  It is the best way to run operations while understanding the performance of your website efficiently and affordably.

While a lot of businesses do handle integrations themselves, it is common practice for a business to assign their integration to a Magento integration and Magento maintenance services agency. This way business owners can concentrate on growing their businesses while their Magento integrations are taken care of by certified agencies.

In this blog, we’ll explore the need for Magento NetSuite Integration and a strategic layout for implementation.

Why does your business require Magento NetSuite Integration?
There are several benefits offered by the Magento NetSuite Integration to businesses and they are as follows:

  1. Availability of comprehensive customer data: – Customer data can help you make better plans and strategies. This is why the Magento NetSuite integration allows easy availability of your customer’s interaction with your brand. It includes the purchasing history, cart details, order status and other information.
  2. Better visualization of business operations: – This integration allows NetSuite to access your online transactions. This process offers a comprehensive view of your business operations.
  3. Accurate updating of product information: – Once the integration is complete your Magento website will only showcase items that are currently in stock along with their prices. Items that aren’t in stock won’t be visible on your Magento website. This will solve two problems for you and that is your customer won’t buy products that are out of stock and your customers won’t be charged incorrect prices for a product.
  4. Minimization of Manual work: – The integration of Magento with NetSuite replaces a majority of manual work with automated activities. This will not only reduce errors but also facilitate an efficient system that automatically updates processes such as fulfillment and inventory.
  5. Enhancing client experience: – You can improve customer experiences by offering updates to your clients about the status of their purchase, estimated delivery date and the current location of their shipment.
  6. Enhancing speed: – Through this integration, you will be able to reduce time taking processes of your business cycle. Magento data will be readily available through CRM after which you can form the necessary strategies and plans to enhance your business growth.

What should you consider while forming a strategy for your NetSuite Magento integration?

  1. While choosing an agency you should ensure that the agency offers customizations for the varied needs of your business.
  2. You should be aware of the amount of data your system can handle.
  3. Determine the type of seller you would like to be B2C, B2B or B26.
  4. Make sure that you have efficient technical support readily available to you.
  5. Consider your budget while formulating the strategy for your NetSuite Magento integration.

Thus, by knowing the above-mentioned details and by choosing a reputed Magento integrations company you will be able to smoothly integrate your Magento website.

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