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Heatmap Tools and CRO: Focus Your Efforts Where Customers Look

Heatmap Tools and CRO
As an e-commerce website, you want to use every tool at your disposal to complete conversions. Data-driven website redesigns are the best option for making effective changes that bring in real conversion results. One invaluable type of data you can rely on is heatmaps.

Heatmaps come in a variety of forms, but they all share the same purpose: to give you a graphical representation of data related to your web page, making it easy to identify areas to improve. Most heatmaps used for CRO provide information on where customers interact and focus while on your Magento website, prime concerns for increasing conversions. The Magento Managed Services team at Forix can help focus your efforts with heatmap tools today.


Mouse Movement Heatmaps

A mouse movement heatmap will provide information on where the mouse moves across a web page, allowing for information about the areas customers both look at and hover over. When trying to improve your e-commerce CRO strategy, this sort of data is important to see if customers notice important elements like free shipping offers and guarantee badges. They can also see how customers make use of product recommendation lists and other prominent features.


Click Heatmaps

Like mouse movement maps, click maps indicate the most clicked on areas of a page. This is especially important because it allows you to see where customers are interested in navigating to – and if they’re clicking on the right conversions. If a less important element of your web page receives more customer attention, you can redesign the page to emphasize the desired CTA, with the help of the Magento managed support team at Forix.

These heatmaps can also give you an idea of what sort of information your users are interested in finding when they arrive on your web page. This can help you collect invaluable data to create much more effective landing pages that urge visitors to become customers by providing them easy access to what they’re looking for.


Scroll Heatmaps

Instead of showing where customers direct the mouse, these heatmaps divide a web page into several folds. The colors then indicate how far users scroll before redirecting their attention. Placing your CTA within the high attention areas (or multiple times per page) allows you to ensure that more customers see it and can then complete a conversion.


Form Tester Heatmaps

Many e-commerce conversions involve forms, whether it’s the billing and shipping information, the sign-in page, and even micro conversions like joining a mailing list. Difficult to fill out forms discourage user engagement and take away conversions. Form tester heatmaps work much like mouse movement maps, but they focus on your conversion forms.

Looking at one of these heatmaps will give you an idea of how customers engage on your Magento website. Longer engagement times on certain areas may indicate that the text is difficult to read or even poor contrast between field text and background colors. You can also see at what stage a customer might abandon a form, allowing you to adjust field requirements in addition to design elements accordingly. Contact the Magento managed services team at Forix today to learn more about how heatmapping tools can boost your CRO.

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