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Hotjar Integration with Magento

Integrate Hotjar with magento
Hotjar is suite of robust analytical extensions that can help you gain insight into the needs of the users who visit your Magento e-commerce website. A Hotjar integration offers high-quality heat maps, user polling and surveys, funnel monitoring, and more. With Hotjar, you no longer have to use multiple services to access all these features. Instead, you will be able to receive the benefits of countless analytics tools with the use of the single high-powered Hotjar suite.


Hotjar can provide sales, marketing, and retail businesses in all industries. A few of its customers include Hubspot, Skyscanner, and inVision. The head of marketing at Hubspot, Sam Mallikarjunan, says, “I am ADDICTED to your tool, FYI. We installed it on and it’s been amazing for me to get insights already.”


The have numerous benefits to optimize their e-commerce investment, such as:


  • Funnel tracking. With funnel tracking features, you can monitor your sales funnels throughout the entire process and identify where the drop-off occurs.


  • Device categorizes: Hotjar categorizes heat maps systematically by user device, so you can see whether users access your website on a tablet, desktop, or mobile phone.


  • User tracking: Hotjar enables you to monitor, track, and record the entire scope of users’ experiences on your website. This feature allows you to see exactly how users are navigating throughout your site during a visit.


  • Customer surveys. With customer surveying features, you can seize valuable customer options that can help guide your business decisions and improve sales.


Adding Hotjar to your Magento e-commerce site requires incorporating an additional script and is as easy as installing Google Analytics. The professionals at Forix can help execute the integration process in an efficient and timely manner.


If you are looking for ways to enhance your Magento e-commerce website, think about the improvements you can make with Hotjar’s advanced data and analytics capabilities. With deeper insight into how users interact with your e-commerce shop, you can detect performance problems and make the necessary adjustments in a swift and effective manner.


Discover How to Integrate Hotjar With Magento


A Hotjar integration with Magento customer survey tools can give you actionable user insights to improve your site’s conversation rate and strengthen customer satisfaction. With Forix’s Magento ongoing support, you can receive the perks of a professional installation.



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