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How Can Showcasing Your Products Increase CRO?

We all know that shopping online has its difficulties. You can’t always be in the room to touch or see a product before clicking the button to complete your transaction. So why is it so popular? The ability to order something online is often accompanied by high-quality content to showcase the features of the product in a way that feels like you are close enough to touch it. When customers feel like they know and understand your product, they are going to complete the sale, increasing your eCommerce conversion rate.


360-Degree Technology


360-degree photos are photos that rotate and show off all angles of the product. They are another way to introduce your customers to your product by making them feel like they are in the same room with the item. They can spin it around, look at it from all angles and even zoom in. This unique interaction with a product helps to answer questions, giving your visitors a clear indication of what the product has to offer. Your customers will know you are offering a quality product when you don’t try to hide any angles. This transparent way of displaying products builds trust for those visiting your website.


Video Content


Another way to make customers feel like they are in the room with your product is through video content. You can show real people using and holding your products to display features and uses. Looking at a photo can be a big help, but watching someone else review the product on a video can add depth to your listings, effectively increasing your eCommerce conversion rate optimization.  It is also much harder to duplicate video content, meaning the search engines will love your creative and unique content.


Video content does not only need to be about the product itself. You can also show off the manufacturing process, where the materials came from, the concept behind the product, or any other important information relating to your brand. The more you give your customers, the more they will give back to you. Videos show your audience you have nothing to hide and create a new way of connecting with people all over the globe.


CRO conversion rate optimization means you are optimizing your website in order to produce more sales. The team at Forix knows how to use the latest technology and updates to create a website that works hard for your business. By featuring your products in a way that show off their features, you can be sure your customers will return again in the future.


Still curious about conversion rate optimization? Connect with a Forix eCommerce expert to hear more.



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